The Big 6O adventure

The Big 6O BD Adventure

I celebrated a big birthday last week, 6O! I knew deep inside that this should be one to give back to, rather than receive from. A little pre planning made for an unforgettable and successful day. Experienced the most stunning sunrise on the Continental Divide with Annie to start the day. Starting what would be a mind-blowing day, on the 36er unicycle, at 12,095’ (3,687 meters) in 22F (-6 C) temperatures was so insane. Wearing all the clothes that I had brought; I spun my way down the magnificent Independence Pass #independencepassfoundation in all its fall splendor. The sky got bluer and the temperature slowly warmed on the descent into Aspen, all 4,000’ (1219 meters) of it. Waiting in Aspen was Jesse, of Jesse’s Barber shop, #jessesbarbershop I had planned to stop at his recently opened barber shop to get my 12” blonde/white ponytail cut; so I could donate it to #childrenwithhairloss, #cutpasslove. Children with Hair Loss is a legit organization; donated hair ends up on children’s heads. I truly believe in their mission so much so, that this donation was my 3rd in 4 years. #lifeisgreatdonate Cruising onto the Rio Grande Trail with a gratifying smile covering my face, I pedaled my way along next to the calming Roaring Fork River. Running into friends on the trail along the way kept the stoke high. With the lack of hair on my head, I felt like I was riding like the wind, as the middle miles of the adventure came and went quickly.
Red Flag Warning #redflagwarning for the afternoon was the weather forecast, which meant high winds with low humidity. They were right; 50 mph, (44 knots) gusts with steady 20+ mph, (18 knots) winds. Fortunately for me, the vector was mostly from the side, with some tail wind; albeit there were many miles I had to keep the head down and think small on the giant 36er Uni as the headwinds created very challenging riding conditions.
Rolling into Carbondale, I knew the homestretch lay just ahead of me. Stopping at a favorite coffee house for my double espresso, I realized just what an incredible BD adventure I was having. Jacked on caffeine I got back on the Uni and headed towards Glenwood Springs, only 10 miles (17 km’s) further. I continued on the Rio Grande Trail, crossing over the Roaring Fork River for the last time. Winds at this part of the trail were so strong and variable, staying on the Uni after 50 miles, (81 kms) was truly a struggle. Head down, I pushed hard on the pedals trying to keep a sustainable cadence to keep the wheel moving forward.
Glenwood Springs, my final destination was in sight. My Garmin confirmed that I had indeed ridden my miles in age; only 4 more to go. I stopped to take it all in, at a most spectacular scenic spot on the trail. Cottonwoods glowing in their fall yellow hue, the Roaring Fork River flowing freely just below me, the Flat Top mountains looming high ahead, and dark storm clouds building over me. It was a spiritual moment; I look up and a bald eagle is soaring right above me. Damn, I am the luckiest person on the planet, and I am so grateful for that. I did not want the adventure to end, I was not quite ready. Closing my eyes and meditating for a little bit, I find peace and harmony in such an amazing piece of paradise. Finally, after calling family and friends to share my joy and thankfulness; my inbox/texts were full of birthday wishes, I hopped back on the 36er Uni and finished the final mile. The confluence of the Roaring Fork River and the Colorado River; I had just ridden the complete length of the Roaring Fork River. What a perfect place to throw the hands up in the air and yell a big “Life is Great”! 8 ½ hours, 64 miles (103 kms), 150 pictures, and a 12” donated ponytail later I was honored, humbled, and grateful to be one year older! The big 60 :wink:

Great story, congrats on the ride and good on you for donating to help children
I can only hope in 3 more years when I hit 60 I can make a ride my age ride

you guys really keep me inspired

Great story, write up, and photos!

It is always good to see active younger unicycle riders.

a belated happy birthday to you and what a great ride out you had by the look off it :slight_smile: i am 43 yrs old but could only dream off covering that distance especially in a day so hats off to you and i am glad you enjoyed.


The only possible response to this is “Huh!”

Age is a relative thing, it all depends on your point of view. At my age of 70, 60 is considerably younger then myself.

I know! I am hoping that unicycling will bring me to an effective age of 35 in 10 years time.

Outstanding riding and writing!
That’s an awesome donation to help children - I wonder if the recipient(s) know who it came from?

My father said the following after a haircut and I think it may apply to you: I’m lighter weight and more aerodynamic. :slight_smile:

Apparently you are three days older than me. I hope to remain as active at your age! :grimacing:

Way to go Mike, and Happy Birthday on the big 60! :+1:

Happy anniversary. Pity of the tail though.

The RIde

Mike, Congratulations, Great ride for the Birthday and many more. No hair lost, great charactor in motion.

over 60 unicyclist

AspenMike….wow…amazing…you and the unigeezer are my heroes…Even though I am older than both of you…:slight_smile: We ought to get together and parade around…maybe Central Park in NYC…That would be cool and fun…It is only 6.2 miles around…

Mike Adams

Awesome story and photos! Congrats Mike. :slight_smile:

You’re awesome Mike! Happy happy birthday!!!:tada:

This was super awesome to read and the pictures were fantastic. What a great day it must have been!

Happy Birthday!

Sweet ride Mike! Great photos and I’m sure the actual scenery was great as Colorado is beautiful and out riding a uni makes it all the better. This summer after Unicon I’ll be in Oregon for about a month but won’t make it to Colorado/New Mexico this time.

Thanks for the writeup and it’s an inspiration for many!

Thank you all for the kind words. Wake up grateful every day and go do something good for someone. Peace, love and happiness.