The BFL Thread: My other brother Larry

Hot off the truck, running a 26 x 3 Duro tube at a whopping 12psi. May I introduce, the one, the only, the Surly Big Fat Larry!!!

Fits just fine, 1/2+ remaining on either side, room to spare for the next tire: The RBFL :0

BFL: As weighed on a digital scale: 1280 gm. Mounted on a LM 65mm rim: Width 4", Height 3.5"
Larry: No weight. Mounted on a LM 65mm rim: width 3.5", height 3"
The BFL is much fater, the narrow LM really doesn’t let it spread out, I’m betting that it would flatten out quite a bit on a fatter rim like the Clown Show 100mm, “surly” achieve it’s true width :slight_smile:

Zoom, zoom, zoom.

Incredible! That tire looks morbidly obese. I’m not convinced it needs a bigger rim, it really reminds me of a tractor already.
Looks like a blast, thanks for sharing.

Wired has a bit on the Surly Moonlander B*ke, and those Clownshoe Rims look insane.

yup, they are supposed to spread out to their stated 4.8 when on the clown shoe.

Looks like the Oregon might be able to handle BFL in all it’s glory (on a 100mm rim)

I have been riding little brother Larry and wish he was bigger and fatter. as long as it still fits in my frame

Hey Eric, the plan, now that I know it fits, is to build a second wheel with the lighter weight aluminum spindled hub and the Clown Shoe rim (100mm), but this is an expensive operation so I gotta do one thing at a time.

What I do notice is that the wider tire on the narrow LM seems to be a little more nimble, likely due to the rounder tire profile. I might end up preferring that ride feel to the Larry on the LM which sometimes feels a little thick and not so nimble. Of course more pressure makes it more nimble :wink:

Yeah, yeah, super fat tires and nimble, can they really be used in the same setence…

Ithe BFL is not that much bigger than the Larry, so I don’t know that it’s worth the extra $$$ unless you really want one, but it is the fattest tire made. I’m gonna give UDC a heads up on the new tire and fit, who knows, maybe they’ll offer it for sale and the fatter rims as a build option.

I’m to ride ride my toys :slight_smile:

I was out at the beach yesterday and was reminded of how hopeless it is to ride in deeb sand. Does your BFL let you float on sand?


Shame on you, feeding your tire Ding-Dongs, Pop-Tarts, and Pepsi. This is what happens on a diet like that. Do these tires come from Mississippi?

Deep sand is rideable with the standard Larry/Endomorph. Uphill is quite hard but flats are not bad. Downhill is fun!

Hey Harper, Tennesse is right there with Mississippi on the fatty index, but we do it with chitterlings and sweet tea :slight_smile:

Will it float sand and mud? Sure, better than a skinnier tire, but if it gets sloppy enough there is no subsitute for walking, unless you like to fall off your uni :smiley:

Funny you should say that. I find the regular larry more nimble than a Gazz on my 46m rim, but then with the tall thin sidewalls I think I am running higher pressure in Larry than I did in Gazz. I have been waiting for a 50mm rim for quite a while now and I wonder how it will change the riding characteristics, hopefully it will be enough to get a bit more stability out of Larry but I don’t think it would be enough for his bigger fatter brother.

I don’t think that BFL will fit in my frame with a proper wide rim so I am just going to have to be happy with what I have (once I get that new rim)


Will Larry fit in a KH frame when mounted on a 47mm rim?

I rode BFL tonight on some tech stuff, it was handful :slight_smile:

I know it doesn’t fit in my 2007 KH29 frame but it might fit in a new 26" frame, but I don’t know the frame clearances.

My tire only measures 86mm at the widest point and is about 73cm (28-7/8") tall on my 46mm rim.

EDIT: I am running mine in a custom triton frame with about 104mm of clearance where the tire is the widest. How wide is BFL on your Marge?

that is super cool. there is some major want here