the bets trials place ever(maybe)


yesterday, tim and i accidentally discovered the best place for unicycling ever (we think)

here are a couple of photos and a film we made:

the film is the top left one that says best unicycling pace ever or something along those lines> here

its about 2 minutes worth


looks like it could be nice to muni also

Great spot, you’re lucky… but where’s your helmet? At least shin guards…


at home on my bedroom floor. we werent doinganything particularly risky anyway, as were not good at trials.

looks like a good place to ride. Where I live the trials areas and muni areas are unlimited

It’s not the best place if it’s more than an hour’s drive from my house. Also I didn’t see a snack bar in your video. :slight_smile:

So where is it? Where are you? I’m going to guess Nevada, because you actually said it’s the “bets” place to ride. :smiley:

Those red rocks look really cool. Watch out for the owners of that big shovel to run you off sometime.

Soon you will understand why many of us wear or helmets and pads “even when wer’e not jumping off of rocks.” You can never predict when you’re going to take a bad fall. Murphy’s Law says it will happen when you’re not wearing your pads. They sure don’t do you any good laying on the floor!

That’s a fantastic spot.

Lucky you…

Around here the woods have been drying up for the last few days, but it’s slow, bloew zero every night so the water freezes… but it’s really nice beeing out riding municycle in the woods around here!

its in england, which probably is more than and hours drive from where you live.