The best Vids!!

So here is the plan everyone who has made videos on this forum please post what you think is the best one out of all the videos. This will help people who maybe didnt see video see one.

Re: The best Vids!!

i still think that this is good idea
it seems tho that the masses have spoken and indicated their disinterest

oh well
i don’t care
thanx to John Childs, i have 15 gigs worth of UniVids to wade thru
and i don’t have to battle waiting for a single download

This guys vids are great

my favorite online video ever ever, is mUNIac.

I dont get why ppl like muniac so much, i mena to me it seems like kinda suckish riding.

the riding isn’t anything professional, but it’s so well done. it’s a great movie. if you want to watch amazing riding, then watch Ryan Atkins’ movie.

i think KFC sd was a great flick, very well put together, good camera angles, damn good riding…ect ect

that one was good, but I didn’t really get it… what did KFC have to do with anything?

Well, these aren’t really of anyone on this forum, (although Ryan Woessner and Simon Wells post here once in a great while) but they are some of the most interesting and impressive unicycling videos you can see anywhere online. :slight_smile:

our best video (worst rideing) video 1
our best rideing video 2