The Best Unicycle Video Ever

I’m hoping to make the nimbus 2010 team or maybe 661 depending on how lucky I am, let the skill do the talking. please watch in low quality


Glad you didn’t save this for unicon, it’d give my video a run for its money.

one of my favourite videos :wink:


the really sad thing is, that vid would easily get u 661 sponsorship XD

riding n partying with u in welly will most certainly b a pleasure :smiley:

i liekd this :stuck_out_tongue:
and your not the only person that doesnt stop smiling!!!
i physically can’t frown!

haha 0:48 haven t thought about that way to ride my unicycle, yet!

1:43 i found our unicon poll dancer!!

WOW this i one of the best videos I’ve ever seen…

haha took me heaps long to make this one. 661 you should give me free shit and i’ll stick your stickers on my bumper.

Hahaha that’s gold, love it!

Well, I can’t agree with myself why I really like this vid? It’s strange that a vid such so little stuff landed can be so good?

I must be missing the joke. It was a good vid, but you didn’t even land anything haha

wow. no sense of humour eh? plus u obviously werent watching. he landed a few grinds

Well, I totally disregarded the obviously sarcastic title. I just thought “oh cool a new vid”, and clicked it.

Secondly, I wasn’t literal when i said “didn’t land anything”, although via internet I can see now that it may have been difficult to interpret.

Hahaha brilliant!

What the hell was your friend wearing haha? Was it just an enormous sweatshirt?

i have to sya it: why did you call the thread “the best unicycle video ever?” there’s so much vids better than yours out there

your vid is good but no way the best ever

Unless I didn’t get right, I think it was kind a joke Bob :wink:

yes i know that… but every time i go there to watch a good vid, i see the topic title… and it’s frustrating… haha

Same here. We need some street vid, I mean realy street without hops on wheel, but rather with tricks down sets and gaps!

Or a creative flatlandvid :stuck_out_tongue:

A good trial movie is always apreciated too :smiley:

SincoJim, where are you!?

you see a lot of street vids with hops on wheel? may be flatland vids, but not street…