The best trial uni setup

What do you think its the best trials unicycle setup ??? :slight_smile:

A strong, medium weighted one.

I think many will say personal preferrance. But i have a Qu-Ax Trials ( yellow hub). My dream uni i think would be:
->KH frame w/ PC yellow or orange
->KH moment hub/crank set (137mm)
->KH drilled rim
->Hoffman Sole Mate Sealed pedals
->KH street fusion saddle (yellow or orange)
->Thompson seat post
->CF seat base
->CF Death Grip handle
->idk much about trials tires so i couldnt choose a best.

I think this would be my dream uni, but if ill ever be able to afford it is another story.:stuck_out_tongue:

undrilled try-all rim
moment cranks9370
xtp frame(or triton when it comes out)
try-all tire
CF seat
some of those mag & ti pedals that Feel the light is always promoting

super light super strong super expensive parts
whatever you like
thats what everyone is going to post
what they like

What do you think abaut :

KH 07 frame
KH 07 hub
ONZA Tensile cranks
KH 07 rim
Maxxis CC tire
Wellgo magnezium pedals
Miyata seat
Miyata seatpost
KH one bolt seat clamp

Weight : I think abaut 5kg

I stick with the one from “onewheelisenough” but with Welgo/Point b77 pedals and the sponge frame if it is lighter than the KH.

Edit: Tensile cranks is an option also but I dont know if they are strong enough.

My dream trials setup:

Stock KH with
Scott Wallis Cf base
Thomson post
Odessey plastic pedals

why plastic pedals?

cause hes Luke MF Collalto!!!

Because he rides street, and, that list he gave is probably the exact unicycle he has now.

my guess… they’re shin friendly

They’re lighter, shin friendly (not that you hit your shins with trials much) and have pleanty of grip.

No, that was for trials. I do ride a bit of trials.

And my curent set up is:

Stock KH
plastic pedals with grip tape
Bald Luna

Grip tape huh? I’m gonna have to try that.

I bend my Tensiles… so i would say they are not strong enough… i will try out those Quax ISIS cranks next… (will have to grind off the nub… but who cares)
They are still about 100g lighter than the KH, if you go for the weight

How do you bend the tensiles ??

During a longjumpcompetition…

:astonished: They musst be realy weak if you bendt it at the long jumps :angry:

I will buy KH cranks… tensile ar to weak … but they are so light :smiley:

2simpl? Ka ti si Nejc?

ja… kdo pa drug :smiley: :smiley: