The Best MUNI riders ??

Kris Holm out MUnis everyone on a bad day.

boe hoover
he pwns all of you.
and then offers to take anyone else on


I wish you were talking about me right there:(

Cody Williams;)

Keny Banks and Mike Parentenau hands down.

- keny banks

- keny banks

- keny banks

- keny banks

I have no shots of mike but I can vouch for both of these kids, 16 years old and the most amazing riders I have ever seen in my life.

if we are talking uphill or racing definately boe
cody for technical DH though

I think the guy that invented pecking deserves a vote:

George Peck

He was the best for more years than anyone

As far as all round good riding goes, best riders I’ve ridden with are Tony Melton and Tue Johannsen

They’re both very good technical riders who will happily do a 30 mile technical muni ride and ride all the uphills as well as the downhills.

It seems like there are loads of riders out there who are all out technical downhillers, and loads of people like me who can do long rides but won’t do scary big drops and stuff like that, but very few who can combine the two.

Although we did spend a week downhilling in Morzine in the summer, and hey the steep stuff does get a lot less scary when you’ve been riding every day for the last week, even for scaredy wusses like me.


The ones who enjoy themselves the most.:smiley:

Aww yeah! Ill drink to that!
The best Muni riders in my opinion are Joe Baxtor, Pete Stewart, Kit Jonson, Neil (Norry) and Leo. Just because we have so much fun out on the trial!
Reading this thread makes me want to do another Muni meet.


I don’t think anybody has an overall view of the Muni riders. In France we have a few very good ones (“Vasipaulette, Monomaniak” are two very good groups). I do think they have an international level, even if I have no proof of it, and no real reference for comparison (except vids).

I’m certain there are riders out there without a forum presence that have achieved an exceptional level of muni skill. Luckily, these people are probably easy to find - local terrain is what forms the skills. World class terrain = world class riders :slight_smile:

Also, I vote Mango. Not only is he totally the man on the 24, he’s in it for fun, and riding with him makes for a great time. World-class company :wink:

Muni comes in so many colors and flavors it’s not very conclusive to lump it all under one title in terms of “best.” Rolling and tractoring are very different skills than high flying gaps and drops, and steep dirt is anther animal than steep rock. Style varry as well. Some attack via street techniques; others launch al a trials skillz; still others try and keep the tire on the ground at all times and roll or try and roll everything. I still consider grim rolling to be the hardest and purest Muni technique, the one that’s most difficult to stay sharp at, and the one that the fewest people have truly mastered. And man does rolling technique go quick if you don’t practice it.


MUni Riding

First of all “Pecking” or hoping are an integral part of MUni. I encounter rocks all the time that you can’t ride up. It is impossible to roll up an 18" rock but it is very possible to hop up it. Also there are sections where there just isn’t enough room for pedaling like between two tight boulders or logs. What we shouldn’t peck these areas? Pecking and hopping take up tons of energy and are skills in themselves. I always prefer to ride up rocks or steep banks if possible just to save energy. Many times I UPD trying to roll over something that I could have easily rolling hopped or pecked. While we are at it why not eliminate “Gapping” and SIF from MUni. In MUni you are supposed to do whatever it takes to ride over hard terrain. I will not give up or ban any tools that can help me do that!

Now for best riders that is a hard one. Would a swamp riding expert from Luisiana be able to compete with a rocky desert rider from Arizona? Is speed the most important aspect? I mean some riders might be slower but be able to ride more dificult terrain!


I think that was the point many of us were making. MUni is not one sport but many. It would be as ridiculous as trying to figure out who the best bicyclist or even mountainbiker is. Best at what? Roadracing? Track racing? XC Mountainbike? Bike Trials? DH MTB? Dual Slalom or 4x or whatever it’s called now?

Unicorn, do rolling hops!! Muni needs to have flow otherwise it’s just natural trials.

Flow of MUni

Hi Goats.

In my opinion this is the order of what you should be doing in MUni. Now this order takes into consideration speed and flow and energy consumption.
I always try to maintain an comfortable speed with flow while trying t ride. I also try to conserve energy.

  1. Riding or just plain rolling over objects.
  2. Rolling Hoping objects that are to big to ride up.
  3. Pecking or hopping up obsects when you don’t have the speed or room to rolling hop or if the objects are just to big to rolling hop. Also to peck and hop in tight places where there is no room for pedaling.

Also when going downhill.

  1. Always try to roll of ledge.
  2. Only stop and still jump if there is not enough room or if there is a turn or if the ground slopes up after the drop.

Always gap what you can.

Keep in mind that some sections of technical trails are actually natural trials! This is especially true when going uphill. I mean when you encounter rocks that are over a meter high but have a couple of crannies in them then you hop up them and maybe even pedal grab the top.


Yeah, man. I totally see where you’re coming from but to tell you the truth, I just don’t like hopping. The best muni riders are able to rolling jump/drop both in their normal stace and switch and are able to make the trail one constant flow which is what I think a main charecteristic of muni is. Flow.
In my opinion, the only styles that require hopping are trials and possibly flatland.

But that might just be me. =P

truth to say, i don’t know that kris holm is the best. i would have to go on a ride with a bunch of top muni riders to tell that.