The Best MUNI riders ??

Who are the best MUNI riders in the World ??
We all know thats Kris Holm its The Best, but I dont know any realy good MUNI riders ??

So, please tall me who are they and if you know, some youtube video from they ?? :slight_smile:

Im the best muni rider in the world after kris holm. Only joking. Im not sure who they are really, because muni riders arn’t aswell known. Sorry i couldnt help at all :slight_smile:

i would guess some of the north californian guys, vivalargo and entropy spring to mind

we all know good Trials and street riders but MUNI riders, we only know for Kris Holm :angry:

MUNi riders from UNIVERSE 2

Dylan Wallinger
Ben Plotkin-Swing
Karl Thompson

Best muni riders in the world :

    • Kris Holm
    • Chuck Norris

Watch out kris chuck might come and roundhouse kick you !!!

John Childs.

JC is the only main man. There can be no other.

Heck yes Norcal rock!

Best MUni rider in what? XC/DH/Trials? Fastest? Most technical rider? It could mean anything.

My list:
DH- David Weichenberger
XC- Who knows, they haven’t had a decent XC at Unicon
Trials- Ryan Atkins

How would you measure “the best”? Least upds? Most technical terrain? Longest distances? I have no idea how you would come to such a conclusion.

That was one of the major motivators behind sponsoring the Evolution of Balance award, rather than spending the same resources towards a structured competition. I think that when we get to choose our own adventure, so to speak, it brings out a way wider and more creative and interesting variety of what constitutes the “best”, and I hope that this part of our sport will always be at the forefront of muni.

I think that major linkups are one of the biggest areas of hard riding that can will happen in the next while. Not just for easier XC but for harder technical muni as well. Like trying to do link as many difficult Moab trails as possible in 24 hours. To me that would be way more interesting than a 24 hour race because you not only need the skill and endurance but also the vision to conceive of it in the first place.


get out of it, I am :smiley:

muni is hard to level. like theres no “i can hop 110cm” in muni (well if u could hop 110cm on a muni it would be awsome:D ). probly the best are: Kris

I think that Erik is one of the best muniers, and I think that I might be up there.

the SB guy are obviously ridicoulously good, so i think that Hans and some of the other guys are some of the best.

I’m thinking of best in a “who can ride down the steepest bumpiest stuff with the least hops” sort of way.

I think that sometime we should have levels for muni, like we do for street and stuff.
Like, complete a certain grade hill for a certain distance without hops (should be banned from muni. boo hops.) or land a drop that’s a certain height (rolling of course).

boo hops? what about pecking? Should pecking be banned?

Of course! Ride it all!!
Pecking is an excuse to not develope your leg muscles. If you want to hop up a hill, get a pogo-stick!!

That was attempted once, by U-Turn from this forum. I remember contributing a little to the project. Looking back in hindsight, I’m not sure of the why it’s required at all. It would be like having skill levels for mountainbiking. Why? You should be judged on how well/how fast you can ride. It’s not easy or practical to quantify skills over natural terrain.

In regards to what Kris said, I couldn’t agree more…there needs to be a fun/adventure aspect to MUni riding as well, just as you would with mountainbiking. On the other hand, competition does have it’s place in developing the sport. We definitely need better races especially at UNICON level. If you compared it with mountainbiking (again!), you would not see mountainbiking as an Olympic Sport today if it ran 10min races and called it XC, nor would you shorten a DH course and call it XC mountainbiking, nor would you combine the two and say it’s a bit of both.


No, there are some sections of trails that are only accomplishable by pecking and hops, I say if you can ride it, ride it, if not, then don’t. Plus pecking will increase you leg muscles alot more than riding will.

Wait, are there any DH races? That would be crunk…

Kerosian, pecking’s cool I guess but for my personal taste I’d rather crash hard going fast and flowy then stick something slow and bouncy. Just personal taste though. I HAVE gotten lots of streanght in my legs by going for hills that I know I can’t make but doing them faster then hell anyway.

I can’t stand hopping in muni vids though…

I have the honor of regularly riding with some great Muni talent here in Southern California.

If we’re saying straight balls-to-the-wall huge (slightly stoopid) DH muni I’d have to volunteer Cody. Cody is like someone throwing a hand grenade at a pile of rocks just to see what happens.

Close by on the crazy list is Josh Schoolcraft. There are some lines on G-spot that Josh does without thinking twice about that make me pause for a good half hour contemplating before I finally piss myself and give up and walk/climb down. NUTS

In a slightly different league is Eyal “Rabbi Rock” Aharoni (sp?). There is nothing that this guy cannot roll. I often wonder “Did he just do that?”, “Is that even possible?”. Might I add, that the whole time he is making all this look effortless.

Miles Ornish. Just this morning I had the pleasure of sharing a mountain with him. Every time I ride with him, he is showing me new tricks, finding new ridiculous lines that I would never have imagined, and improving by leaps and bounds on every ride. It blows my mind! The most amazing part of this is he’s only been riding for a year or two! He’s going to pass us ALL up in no time… if he hasn’t already :roll_eyes:

Jake Sprague. The dude is extremely well rounded. The trouble is, he’s always losing track of his damn shin pads! Do any shin pad manufacturers want to sponsor this guy? He’d be an excellent candidate!

Ben Plotkin Swing. Not from So Cal but so ridiculous, I had to put him on the list.

That’s my short list. For those of you that weren’t on there, you know I love you all and you’re all the best in my book. Friggin Jon S., Jerry P, Steve A, Olarf, Magnus, Guy, JL, Morgan, Hans, Julian, Dennis, Spencer, Jess, Naomi…

(Cody, is your last name Williams? I don’t know. Everyone I think knows who I’m talking about when I just say ‘cody’ :slight_smile: