The Best 2006 Unicon 13 Pictures

Thought I’d start this thread becuase I have one photo that I absolutely love and think others would enjoy it too. People can look at this thread for a bunch of the good photos people have of Unicon 13 and don’t have to look thru all the different albums out there with a million photos in them. So if you have a good one, please post it here.

This is one of mine taken on the last fun muni ride we did. I believe it was called Grundelwald or something like that and it was right by the “Top of Europe” as we could see it if we looked to the left of this picture. Words can’t explain how great of a ride it was down although at the top it was raining and cold before we started to head down. Anyways, here’s the picture;


This is ther entrance hall of the Truppenunterkunft

Doesn’t anyone else have some sweet photo’s of unicon??

Here’s another good one of Reto and Andy Cotter playing Beersketball (Beerpong). I believe they were undefeated the whole night?!!


And one more nice scenic one in the Swiss Alps on a fun muni ride;



I’m sure there was plenty of beerpong action at Unicon. It was in Switzerland afterall.

let me rephrase
what is beerpong?

how do you become a part of unicon?

Beerpong is a game where any triangular number of cups are placed at either end of a table, filled with beer. A team of two stands at each end of the table, and takes turns tossing a ping-pong ball into the cup of the other side. if it lands in the other teams’ sides’ cup, one of those teammates must drink that cup. the team who’s out of beer first loses.

there are other rules, but thats the gist of it.

nice beerpong, catboy :wink: I’m definately going to the next one :sunglasses:

EDIT: @vuniw
You just go to it.

my new wallpaper…thank you!

What, the beerpong?

To become part of a UNICON, one must register, pay the required fees, make travel plans, etc. You should go to and sign up for the UNICON XIV mailing list.

Tom Daniels
Secretary / Treasurer
International Unicycling Federation, Inc.

For more details click here: Unofficial 2006 Unicon Workshops (BEERsketball, etc.)

Come on people, I know some of you have gots to have some good ones out there. To keep this thread alive here’s another one of mine. It’s of the last fun ride and this is the sweet view we had coming down. Pretty kick ass if you ask me!


That is a pretty funny one. Thanks for posting it!

That wasmean…What did poor Jeff ever do to you.

In a way that is ironic and funny at the same time but someone (probably you guys) put a few of them on my nice chromed freestyle uni (my baby) and let out the air of my tire and I wasn’t too happy. Luckily the stickers peeled off OK but still left some reside that I’ll have to use Goo Gone or something to get it off. Please next time you do something like this, spare the really nice uni’s. Thanks!

one of my favourite pics

High jump

Nice pic, are you with the Qu-Ax team? (qu-ax shirt)

Amanda, I know it was all fun and games and in good taste and that you didn’t mean to make anyone mad so it’s all good…