The Beginners "Today I..." Thread

Dane youre doing great! Please be careful though lol.

So being only an inch above the seat while riding out of seat is OK? Since my legs are kinda short, seems like the wide seat kinda freaks me out pulling it out in front of me. I’m taking slow steps.

So off curbs do I lean the seat back a bit like going downhill or anything? It just seems like there is some sort of balance point I should know about.

Tapeman…the twisting was KEY to my getting it, I twisted with every pedal back and forth. It is a lot more natural now but at the beginning I really had to concentrate on twisting with every down stroke.

So I got my new Coker wheel yesterday and took it out…I can ride it only as far as my 26"er because it takes A LOT more energy to turn the 36" wheel. I LOVE the feel of my Coker, it is so smooth and fluid to ride. My speed is also considerably faster and coming off the front at speed with the extra height off the ground and increased speed feels like my legs might not keep up with the speed as I run off the front. I have no problem switching between the two and after riding the Coker it seems much easier (and slower) to ride my 26"er. I Love the feel of the Coker…my legs are turning pretty slow for the speed I am going, with time I can increase my speed on the Coker and fly down the road! :smiley:

I started to twist back and forth while riding backwards. That has really helped. I can only get about 12 revolutions going backwards but it is more consistent now. Idling is also starting to come to me. I can idle for about 30 seconds. It bugs me that if I can idle for 30 seconds, why can’t I idle forever?

Sunday night I caught a cold or flu or some stupid thing so I have not ridden anything. At least my knee gets a good rest. My knee has given me problems since riding hills.

Yeah, twisting is key. I felt like a guinea pig wiggling when I first started to ride lol.

OK, its rainy again so I feel slippery on the pedals which makes me a wimp but made progress!

I wimped out but got off the curb at 3". Then I kinda mentally got scared so that was my limit for the day.

Got down a 30 degree hill, up only a 20 degree hill. 30 degrees is what I need to commute. STill practicing out of seat but wimped out on trying to hop today. Tomorrow is a dry day though. I only can ride now 1/2 hour since I am riding most the time and the hills are killing my legs. I brake less downhill and going faster, cool, easier on legs too!

I also need to be able to go up, down sidewalks which is only an inch or 2 so probably not too hard. The biggest thing is mounting still. I get tired so will need to mount on all grades. But I could use the curb lol. Would riding on side streets pose problems? I think I can commute to work in 2 more weeks. My legs getting tired and mounting seem to be the big limits right now.

I want a 24" soon but scared on the mounting. It will be a cruiser until I can muni.


Does it matter which way I twist in relation to what leg is going down? I am assuming if my right leg goes down, I twist to the right. Is that correct?

Thanks for the help.

Today I rode 10 m backwards - two times! :slight_smile: I have tried this for months, but for the first time I felt that I had a feeling of balance and some kind of control.

Best regards

Today I…
Took delivery of my new KH 29. Since I have only been riding for 4 weeks, on a 20", I thought it would take me some time to be able to ride it. After a couple of minutes work with a wrench, it was ready to go… and I was surprised to find that I could ride it straight off. It is a fair bit higher than my 20", which I initially found a little daunting, so I mounted with assistance, but it rides over bumps and rough bits much better.
I eventually tried free mounts, and found that I was able to nail about 25%. I was surprised to find that in some ways it is easier than on the smaller uni. It certainly requires more commitment and jump to get up on top of the wheel, but the higher “gear” of the bigger wheel keeps it more stable when you put your weight on the back pedal. It also has longer cranks, and I find the slightly longer first stroke gives me a fraction more time to get my balance.

New High in # of revolutions

Today I practiced for a while after school and then just a little while ago… about 8-8:30 p.m. and I started making lots more progress than before. My high in # of revolutions before today was about 3. Today I got it to about 5.5 and was pretty consistent at going 3-4.:smiley: I am so totally stoked and think that I might be getting the hang of it… sorta. :roll_eyes: Thank you sooo much for the twisting recommendation and the support.

Tapeman, you’ll get it, congrats! The first steps are very exciting and rewarding as I remember thinking, can I actually DO this? When I realized I could it was like the first time I could walk or something. But when the right hip/knee goes up, your left shoulder/and twisting goes right. I dont think about it now so hope I said this right lol.

So tc, the 29er isnt so hard to get used to? I’m wanting just a 24"er, now cruiser but later muni. I am still failing more times then success on mounting with the trials uni. I just have this gut feeling I will love it 100 times more like I love my 24" wheel BMX racer 100 times more then the 20" BMX. I love the MTB but honestly, I wouldnt want to go bigger on a bike as I love to handle it too. So thats why thinking for muni 24".

Today I…

…watched my 8 year old son learn to freemount!


I think we need a vid for this!! :smiley:

The twisting is opposite, I think it’s a compensation for the pressure on the opposite side. So if I remember correctly, I twist left when I pedal forward with my right foot.

I wasn’t able to ride today, I woke up and my knee was stiff as a board, I couldn’t really bend it all day, and it hurt to drive.

Today I learnt to hop and ditch about 15cm. :smiley:

My pedal feel off too:(

ebay unicycle not good.

Hope fully getting a nimbus 20 trials soon.:D:D:D

Twisting goes like this…press right foot down and twist to the left.

Practice will get you cruising right along.

I had to think about the twisting but I’m sure it’s opposite. Right foot down, twist to the left.

Dane, I thought it was your ankle that was the problem. What happened with your knee? My knee is still giving me some trouble. I’ve been off for three days now because of the flu or a cold. My knee is still sore. It’s right behind the patella. Only my right knee and it started when I was climbing. I wrap it fairly tightly now when I ride.

Today I didnt make progress. :angry:

I need to get the mounts down! If I hop them, I tend to put weight on the rear foot. If I lean forward and try to touch my toes, I tend to wimp out. The Dr. said no more PT and my arm is fully healed. Why am I still a wus?

I’m seriously ADD today so was going to skate but might have to practice uni again. I’m going to try in front on my apt which is very hilly. Cool, want to get something. Might just do mounts from curbs for a bit.

Well today I finally was able to ride in front of a zillion kids all around me and neighbors watching, cars on a hilly and uneven ground. Its a 30 degree hill and I was able to go up and down it. Tired at the bottom or top and wore myself out quick. Was able to do curb mounts at different areas on the hill. So maybe I’ll cheat the mounts til I have them as there is always a curb. Harder mounting on an angle too but did it.

Now a kid asked if I were a cop lol.


Do you guys think it matters which way I twist cause this morning I got 14 revolutions my way. I tried your way and I couldn’t get even 2 revolutions. :thinking:

You twist like you walk. Its like right leg forward, left arm forward. So when right leg goes up, left arm twists to right. Try not to worry too much. It will happen naturally. Just like I will mount naturally too lol.

Never mind

Don’t reply to the message above this. I just got 17 revs. your way.:smiley: