The Beginners "Today I..." Thread

And here I was thinking that you have some of the greatest cycling trails anywhere from Marin to Santa Cruz! :roll_eyes:

I guess the grass is always greener (or the trails are always better) on the other side of the state.

This thead got way more popular than I thought it would.

Today the last of the snow melted so I began.

Honestly, the dirt jumps are usually not advertised as then they would be plowed down. I had no idea of dirt jumps around here til I talked with other BMX riders. Now there are 2 within 1/2 hr. Trails are 25 mins away so not much different. Or look up BMX tracks and those are advertised and have practiced sessions. In another week, my bike will be my car so I can make 1 trip to the track once a week.

Took today off from uni and shins feel better. I’m really tired from exams/work!

Today I did my 4k ride and managed to end it with an elegant dismount in front of my new neighbour’s wife. Phew! Whilst riding, I tried to hang onto the handle at the front of the seat for as much of the ride as possible (only one arm flapping). I think I managed about 60% of the ride.

Idling, 2.5 idles without a touch. Seems easiest on my 24".

Now that I am struggling to freemount my 29", it seems incredibly easy on smaller wheels. Why did it used to seem difficult? :thinking:

I love to uni. :smiley:

I decided to stop trying to idle because I wasn’t making progress. I know that the problem was that I don’t have enough balence yet. I am thinking that I will try to learn sometime in June. Right now I am learning to hop. I can do rolling hops and static hops pretty good and started trying to hop onto bricks. I had to hold onto the wall but I did make progress.

Last year it was the How to learn unicycling ? in tutorials but it seems to have died out. It’s nice to have a place to chat with other beginners. :slight_smile:

I have now been riding and trying to ride for seven months. I can idle reasonably well, but it took five months (?) to get it. There is some hip-swivel action to rebalance the unicycle on each idle stroke that did not come easily. Holding off a bit until your balance improves may be a good idea.

I have now started to try idling with one-foot, and it works, at least a little bit. I wanted to learn to ride one-footed, but did not feel comfortable putting my foot in the cross bar. I decided to try to idle with my leg on the crossbar, while holding onto a support. It works–I can now do a little bit of one-footed idling, and can manage a few iterations (3-5) without support. I still need lots of work, but the practice is satisfying. I feel like my balance is improving.

The weird hip swivel that allows two-foot idling also works for one-foot idling, so I hope that the one-foot idling will come along quickly.

Sorry for not posting… but… I FELL IN LOVE ^^
She’s a b*ker. But she will be one of us <she’s learning to freemount right now… <usually faling after 1-2 revos>>

and now my new skills. going down the curbs - no problem.
going up the curbs - if they’re not to high <2-4 inches - no problem>
slowly learning to go backwards… <about 1-2 revos before i fall>


Unicycling in the rain.

Oh…we do. For mountain biking they are awesome and there are many. For the unicycle I am very limited to non-technical and not too steep. I did a ride yesterday afternoon that was a big success. It was a single track trail that was challenging but doable. I could ride almost all of it with a few rest stops. I was very happy and encouraged by it. I should have taken pictures of the morning ride. Quite steep with lots of loose rock. That one was discouraging, plus my dopey dogs would get in front of me and stop.

Last night I picked up a used 26" so I can practice, I mean iterate, on a little bigger wheel. I can’t wait until tonight when I put better pedals on it and take it for a spin.

YES! yesterday i hit my first stair set and landed it 9 out of 10 time! it was only a 2 set but i think i could easily hit a 3 because i cleared it by so much! now i just need to learn to ride backwards…:D:D:D:D

Today I made contact with another unicyclist in my local community. We talked on the phone and agreed to go for a ride together. So far, my unicycling has been unisolitary so I am really looking forward to going on a ride with another unicyclist. Will that be a biunicycle ride?

Today I switched to the 165mm holes on my 29er. It is like riding a different unicycle. I can climb and power over things, do rolling hops and I just have more forward/backwards stability. I know that most people seem to using shorter cranks these days but I think this works well for me for muni (first impression of course!). This was my second muni ride and I have a totally different impression on the 29er.
The downside was that the wheel definitely zig zagged more and my feet twisted more on the pedals. I may have to find a different pedal/shoe combo for more grip. I also stood up of the seat more so I seemed to get tired very fast. It was a much more anaerobic workout than the road rides I have been doing.
I was riding with my wife (she was on a bike) and she had to wait quite a bit as I UPDed often but definitely not as often as when I was using 137s. It is funny how big a difference it is between the 125s on my trials and the 165s on my 29er. :smiley: It is a 8 cm difference for foot placement. The first thing I did on the 165s was jump mount and miss the pedal completely and get shinned. Thank you 661’s! :stuck_out_tongue:
Today was a good unicycle day!

I. GOT. ENGAGED. seriously ^^ now let’s all get some drinks :>

<and my fiance is getting better! soon we’re gonna go biunicycling ^^>


I’ll go visit the chemistry set that they call a “coffee machine” here (at the office) and pour myself a hot & gloppy one for ya!

No really, Congratulations! Glad to hear she share’s your uni interest, mine doesn’t.


Thiv, i’m sipping on a 52 oz (1.5 liter) coke to congratulate your future! Will you two go down the aisle on unicycles?:smiley:

Woo-hoo! Congrats!! I am forever single it seems lol. No exercise for 2 days, f*&kin exams. I’m dropping out and then its uni day and night I hope!

You’re gonna laugh. Yes. we intend uniing down the aisle :slight_smile: <and the best part… SHE brought it up. we were talking about her wedding dress plans… and she said that she needs one comfortable enough to uni with it on :)>

I love it!!! You´re both insane!!! :wink: Congratulations, I´m sure you´ll make a lovely couple and have a wonderful uni-life together. You have to post a wedding video on here with shot of you both unicycling. I told Mrs. Sancho about you and she said “Forget it…no way…”:wink:

Hahahaha. I do not like going to weddings and the like, but I have to say that I would go to this one. Too bad Poland is so far away. It would be cool if you took off for your honeymoon on unicycles, dragging cans behind you. You could have other unicyclists follow you for a while.

Have you two lovebirds talked about “level 11”?