The Beginners "Today I..." Thread

First commute today

I commuted to work on my uni for the first time today. I am pretty stoked because I had a goal of commuting within a month of getting it and I have managed to do it in 2 weeks.

It wasnt a long ride, about 5km each way, and quite flat. I did have one incident though (see photo). It might be time for some shin guards I think.

I also felt like my messenger bag was throwing my balance off a bit and have a sore knee and quad after riding about 10 times as far as I ever have before :slight_smile:

felt great though. I am so hooked!

knarly battle wound man. i like the socks.

I don’t think those are socks, haha

They were socks till one of them came in contact with my Kona flats. Just before my calf did. :frowning:

Maybe some plastic pedals would be a good thing too.

Day One with Older, Used 36 Nimbus

Learned to ride a uni back in mid-70s as a youngster…ridden off and on on same old Schwinn I got back then…Wife learned similarly…

Fast forward to this week…purchased a used Nimbus 36 Road thingy it arrived today…

(here’s the listing)

Assembled and rode it around the court and down the street and back…super cool and will like it more as time goes on! :smiley:

Only a couple immediate concerns…1) will my manhood always hurt like this? I must have the seat wrong or be sitting wrong or something…can’t figure it out…

  1. the seat will still turn no matter how tight I get the clamp at the frame…thoughts?

Love the forum and the big uni…fun stuff


Seat shouldn’t turn, except maybe on hard crashes. And you will learn how to sit without hurting you junk, it comes with time.

Yeah the seat shouldn’t turn and regarding your manhood, you might want to play around with the seat angle a little but you learn to kind of sit it on top of the seat. Sitting right comes with practice :slight_smile: Normally comes pretty quickly :smiley:

You sit on the bones right under your manhood, not your testicles, and shamy shorts can help a LOT while learning. Nuts in front, always!

I will say, on normal bike seats, I have often had the problem of one of my jewels slipping to the side, and then getting squished between my seat and my leg OUCH. But this has NEVER happened with a uni seat, which is awesome of course.

When learning tricks and stuff - you occasionally give them a good whack but with normal riding it’s normally fine :smiley:

I put my seat on my 20" wayyyyyy low. No more smacks.

ok, I’ll just keep trying to find a more comfortable sitting position…gulp

And, I’ll see if I can’t tighten the clamp down even more, perhaps turning it to one side or the other…

Hope to have some time today to practice some kind of free mount, probably not the flying, superman, doppleganger type… :astonished:

Thanks for the replies!

Today I had my picture taken next to a dwarf, received a round of applause from some onlookers and managed to ride 15 feet backwards.

I tried some downhill for the first time today. It went surprisingly well and was really funny! :slight_smile:

I used a hill in the neighborhood, which has a reasonable slope for a downhill beginner - and a small drop around midway down. The first time I bailed out before the drop and walked past it. The second time I nearly made the drop - and the third time I rode from the top to the bottom of the hill in one stretch. :smiley:

Yesterday I assembled and subsequently saw a unicycle up close for the first time. I had a go at it for a few hours, started between two chairs. I never thought it’d be as terrifying or as tiring as it is but after a while next to the wall outside I managed 3-5 revolutions without support.

Today I’m still wrecked from yesterday’s attempts but Im going out now to try the beast again :smiley:

Yeah, you get hooked quick. Watching videos of people who’ve been riding >6 years makes it look easy.

Jumped up a pallet with my seat out for the first time :slight_smile:

Cool - I wish I had some pallets to hop on! :stuck_out_tongue:

On a kinda unrelated note - I’d like to see someone do hoptwists seat drop and a body varial seat drop. 90-90unispin/body varial freehanded is on youtube so I presume it would be possible…

Today i finally could consistently ride backwards as long as i wanted on straight line, My turns aren’t quite good yet, but im working hard to smooth my riding. I also put my Unicycle website online. I’m building it on my free time and i plan to make it become a really complete information spot about uni (in spanish, my language), if any of you knows spanish take a look and tell me what you think.
The site is (if im breaking the rules for posting links i’ll remove it as son as i can)

So in the end. today I didn’t make any progress really but it’s starting to feel a bit more solid, I still get about 5 revs and then start wobbling and come off. My arse is too sore to practice anymore, hopefully it’ll go better tomorrow.