The Beginners "Today I..." Thread

Waaalrus and Anton,

I’ve been thinking about getting clubs for juggling. Now I must! I haven’t tried juggling my hacky sacks yet on my uni but I’m almost ready to work on it. Clubs are visually more interesting to watch therefore I must get some…

clubs are fun to juggle, I remember when I first got mine, when I was trying to learn, it must have been hilarious to watch…

get some, you won’t regret it :slight_smile:

Well, I have been practicing for a while! Have you tried turning around? My first practice was just changing direction (forwards to backwards). Once it dries up here I want to try hands behind back idling.

I agree that clubs are fun. I’m trying to work up to juggling five. Not so great indoors but I find them easier to juggle without drops when I’m in motion (jogging or riding my unicycle). They slap into your hand! Passing is fun, too, although I’ve only done it a few times. I’d like to learn to pass while riding the unicycle.

Greetings, all. This is my first post.

Told my wife I wanted a unicycle for Christmas and she just rolled her eyes and said “You’re gonna kill yourself!”

Well she got me a Nimbus 24" cruiser and I’ve been at it for about 4 weeks now and I’m “not dead yet”.

Practice averages about an hour a day. I’ve taken a very cautious and methodical approach and have stayed very close to my “best friend”–an 18 ft. 2 x 6 handrail across the front of the garage.

Practice mostly includes riding back and forth, rollback mounting using either the left or right foot, and practicing about two hundred rocking/idling reps for each foot. Of course, all of this with the help of my “best friend”.

Well last week, I realized that in order to advance, I needed to let go and ride. And I did.

For the last three sessions, I have been riding without support (except for mounting and idling) and have achieved moderate success traversing my 35 ft. enclosed practice area with control of my speed and direction, including some rudimentary turns. Panic and fear has turned into “oh wow!”

Now, I’m looking for a place to practice that will give me on opportunity to increase my distance riding before I take the show out to my neighborhood streets.

My goals are to be at ease on my uni, to go as far as I want with me deciding when to dismount, and to learn to freemount, to idle and to ride backwards.

No chortling or snickering, please. My progress and goals are modest, but it works for me.

Ibedon, Those are good goals. Just go outside and practice on the street. Don’t worry about what the neighbors will think. They will enjoy seeing your progress. I remember some embarrassing moments, but I didn’t care. I just practiced. The streets belong to you too.

An hour a day!
I’m hoping for 15 minutes a couple of days a week.
(I get my unicycle tonight!)

I found an old jogging stroller, added some weight to the front of it,
and my son finds it makes a great mobile support.

i started to hop about an inch and a half , its pretty funny cuz every one else is sayin like i hopped 60 cm or stuff like that and i on the other hand can hop like 10

Good advice!

I’ve never been a quick study.

I assembled my unicycle.

Today I gained alot of confidence!

I went down to the local pools (which have some great BIG steps/ drops etc) And after months of wishful practice I finally had the confidence to just jump off a 60cm or so drop and LAND IT! and roll off :slight_smile: My confidence has been boosted so Im trying new and previously ‘scary’ things!

eg, mounted on a park table set and jumped off the seat, jumping UP gutters successfully, getting up and down staircases.

Can also ride seat out now!

This is getting long. Anyhooodles- new unicycle and confidence = success!

today, i freemount at 3rd try, but it´s still difficult, and i ride over the grass like 100 meters without falling :smiley:

20-30 min a day

I started 6 weeks ago and usually get 20-30 min practice in per day. I am mid 40s so don’t take too many risks anymore so progress is a little slow. Still cant idle but I can ride around town on my 20" fairly confidently (all the stupid comments get pretty annoying after a while though). The next think I’d like to learn is how to hop forwards up gutters. I am also looking forward to be able to hit the tracks an a Muni, hills are still very difficult… But I will persist !!!

Its 6 weeks since I first laid hands on a unicycle. How long has it taken you to get to where you are now. I am so looking forward to bouncing up gutters.

mbalmer, that is great advice but I needed a less visible place so I could concentrate without distraction and I also wanted an wide open area with multiple supports to help with mounting.

I found it and today I…

ended my practice session with a slow steady ride of over 250 ft.

It felt good.

Lots of new names appearing here… I LIKE IT!

This year I decided to just ride out in public near my house, I suffered from lack of concentration with all the cars and people out on walks going by. Now my skills have progressed beyond what normal people think is possible on a Unicycle and I get a lot of positive comments from my neighbors and total strangers walking and driving by who have watched me progress over the months, it’s pretty cool.

Now to combat the concentration factor I plug in my headphones and can tune it all out with music.

today I couldn’t ride because I’ve injured my right hand, left wrist and knee. I usually get in about 2 hours a day so I feel awful lazy right now :frowning:

Another new guy here.

I’ve got about five or six hours on my unicycle - torker dx 20". Which I learned is not a MUni! :o

I can ride in a straight line for about 50’, can turn left (not right, when I try, I’ll do a upd) and can now freemount it.

I was having trouble with freemounting so I got out my camera & made a video to see what I was doing wrong. Turns out I wasn’t leaning far enough forward once I got up. So I went back out & magically could do it almost every time after seeing my mistake.

I have a question though - my quads are getting quite the workout learning how to ride this thing. Is this normal? I’m learning on my driveway which, where I’m riding, has about a foot of incline. To put it in perspective, I put about 5K miles on my road bike every year & my quads don’t feel like this on that bike & I ride a lot of hills.


You may want to check your seat height, the lower it is the harder it’s going to be on your legs. It’s totally normal in the beginning to get blasted by riding just a short distance. You want to make sure your putting as much weight on the saddle as you can, it’s hard in the beginning but will get easier and easier as you progress, which makes it easier and easier on your legs. Also as you get more comfortable on the uni, you will relax your whole body more and it will get much easier. It does use different muscles than riding a b*ke, you’ll need to get the new ones in shape too :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info anton005 - guess I need more practice.

Here’s a vid
I just put out on the tube. It just snowed, but thankfully melted.


Awesome free mount! Definitely experiment with raising the seat a bit. For regular riding you probably want as high as you can get with just a slight bend at full extension so your knees don’t lock. Speaking as someone with virtually no cartilage, it’s also much easier on the knees!