the bearing casing?

okay so I just got my new uni…and I put it together and I was riding and everything was fine and dandy…then when I dismounted I spun the wheel and I heard like the soudn when the bearing housing is to tight or something…so I loosened it…and it is still making this noise…should I just ride it till it leaves? or what should I do?

well is it too tight or too loose?

I had that problem for a long time, and it turned out I didn’t have it tightened enough. But be careful, I’ve also broken bearings by tightening it to much.

Take the bearing casing in you hand and oush it back and forth. Does it wiggle? Push on the bolts/nuts too, if they wiggle a little bit tighten it a little more.

it is now a good tightness…but like even if I loosen it completely it still makes the sound that they are to tight…what should I do?

the bearings might just be a little stuffed. either live with the noise of replace them… if there is muck in them they could also make noise (tho not too likely if they are new)