the bat-yards 2008

here’s a vid a friend of mine made… thanx joel
the rider is me and the location is at les bayards near neuchatel in switzerland.
unfortunately i didn’t have very much time at all to ride 'cause i’m sure it’s a wonderful MUni area…

Cool video! Interesting editing and great music. Nightwish is amazing.

I like it! Really nice gliding…and a lot of it. Great editing and filming. Kept it interesting all the way. Black and white is striking.

The editing and filming were very nicely done. Everything flowed nicely together, if pro vids were made as well as this one, maybe people would buy them. I loved how you could see the heat rising off the streets, so sick.

Great job, the tunes were really powerfull, good stuff

Good video. I especially like the high quality, and editing.

What’s your uni setup?
is that a’04 KH frame, Large Marge rim, and Hookworm tire?

schönes Video!

Echt gut gemacht:) !

I like the filters you used.