The balance test.....

OK, let’s see if unicyclist do indeed balance better than your average joe. Everybody do the balance test that Kris did on the TV show More Than Human. Stand on one leg, hold you arms out to your sides and close your eyes. Time it and take the time from your first attempt only.
It would be interesting to get any non-unicyclists you know to do it as well. That way we could see some REAL data on average people.
If I remember the show correctly the average person could hold this positions for about 25 seconds.

Post the results, how long the person has unicycled (if they have), and the persons age.

I’ll start: and let me say I was quite surprised…

Time: 1:52.95
Unicycled: 13 months
Age: 30

Can you shuffle your foot around on the floor to keep balance?

Nope, you have to stay in one place…

I’m gonna test my wife tonight to see how she does as a non-unicyclist.

My time…

4 minutes 11 seconds
my leg: Very exhausted and sore
my age: 16
my boredom: high

Awesome!! That’s what happened to me, I didn’t really fall because of balance, my leg just gave out on me…

yeah, id say after a minute or so balance is no longer an issue, youve found your way, but then keeping your way when your leg is throbbing…ah now theres the problem, if i had indestructable legs and conditions remained constant i could stay up forever i think…by conditions i mean my stamina my surrounding my fatigue and drowsyness…hmm yup i guess this would apply to anyone so im not special, oh well.