the australian street weekend

hey all,

i have 12 people on board so far, which i think will be a good turnout, but we can accomodate more if you wanna come along.

the schedule is as follows.

friday afternoon: bondi skatepark, and beach trials. (round the headland if you are into that kinda stuff)

saturday: we drive to tuggerah in a bus and hit up the slam factory skatepark. (biggest indoor park in NSW i think) then go for a swim or street ride at the entrance.

sunday: CBD ride. this is gonna depend on where we are allowed to ride before we get booted. we might just head up to manly or fox studios or somewhere else with cool places to ride. this will be decided depending on what everyone wants to do most. i’ll draw up a map of locations once we work them out

monday: if anyone wants to keep riding, more power to ya. we will still keep riding if anyone will.

accomodation: if you want to hook up a motel room, the formula 1’s are really cheap, like $50 a night for 3 peeps, otherwise luke has a shanty pad that can you can crash at

its gonna cost some money for the bus, and entry to the park, also pitch in for the prizes. probably no more than $30 ea. and you’re gonna need train fares, should be no more than $20 for the weekend

reply if you are still interested and i dont know you’re coming

hey tomsey,
yeah i am still interested in comin, ill try to work something out with the other melbourne guys so that we can split accomodation costs and all !!!

How much money do u think it will all end up costing after accomodation, and all the other money needs? (how much should i bring?)

Thanx once agen

YEH! im interested! for sure! I got my new KH trials 2nite, so looking for a big day out 2 put it 2 the test! Keep us all informed.


Hey Tomsey! Good to see the event comming along. What dates were you thinking for the event? I just hope that my profile warranty comes good and i get some cranks to ride on for then. I don’t think there would be much use comming if all i had was my 20" freestyle AAARGHGHGHGHGHGH1

oh yeah. the dates.

the 21st till the 23/24th

my house is now a free place of accomodation. got 5 beds spare

we are switching the saturday and sunday ride around because someone forgot to tell me we cant get the bus now. but all in all should still be an awesome event.

cool, mark and liam are in thats 14.

lets say the entire weekend will cost you $100, and you crash at my house. if you motel it and you have 3 friends $150. thats for everything. but you might wanna bring some more in case you break your unicycle and need repairs.

Everyone blame me for not getting the bus. Blame Dan for not passing on messages.
I’ve tried to organize times and prices as best as I can for the weekend. i’m giving CityRail Adult Tickets from Blacktown, Just to give people an idea on prices and Blacktown being central to us riders. Again, any questions with fares, hit me up and ill work it out for you
My MSN is if anyone wants to contact me for questions.
Friday - Bondi Ride… $10.20 Return trip from Blacktown to Bondi.
12:00PM- Meet at Bondi Beach Skate Park. Park Riding and Trials on the beach. I will have my camera gear along so if anyone wants photos of their riding let me know.
8:00PM- Leave Bondi and head to George St, Sydney. Good chance for interstate people to check out the city. Head to Pizza Hut for all you can eat($15 per head). Just a chance to get to know your fellow riders.
Saturday - CBD Ride… Probably $10 in train fares for the day.
11:00AM - Meet Parramatta skatepark, ride there for short warm up and head through Parramatta and get a train into Central. Ride from Central through the CBD to Circular Quay (Or is it Darling Harbour Grace?) to catch a ferry off to Manly(Around $7) to ride the rest of the day. Head back whenever we decide to end, riding will probably go late this night.
Sunday - Slam Factory
9:00AM - Train to Tuggerah ($20 return) to Slam Factory (Entrance $10) Ride for the day, as Tomsey said, swim etc.
Monday - Prize Day
11:00AM - Meet at Parramatta/Jamison for an end weekend ride. Prizes will be given out, and people can keep riding if wanting to.

Prizes for the weekend are a GP Trials Unicycle and a new set of pedals.
Cost to cover the Prizes etc are $10 per head.
It’ll most likely end up being $50 in total for Transport. not including meals/drinks etc. Any questions msn is

I’m coming over from NZ, gonna be there Thurs 20th (7am) - Wed 26th (evening), so I’ll be keen for riding all those days!!

Ha, yep Tim, it is Circular Quay. They don’t like us much at Darling Harbour…

I may be able to come up for the saturday and sunday. not sure yet.

Sounds like a great event.
Is there a phone number for someone in sydney so people can contact you on the day and stuff?


its so cloosee :p, it sounds like its gonna be crazy fun!!!

i will try my hardest to come if Luke and Max are going coz then we can split costs of things and all that, and figure out how to get there and all that jazz. …

just a bump for any new people needing info for the w’end


im comin, but just wondering wether the skate park we goin 2 is indoor, and so do we need plastic pedals? i’ve never been, do they mind metal?


should be good whatever kind of pedals you have… just take out your pins if you’re grinding and havent already

i soooo want to comebut its in sydney oh well when i have 30 or so uni peeps in brissy bris street weekend 4 me

bumping this back upto the front.
this is in 2 days…
we’re all set to meet midday at bondi?
any questions
can give me mob# if needed