The AtomicZombie

I just found this web page for AtomicZombie. It’s some sort of Bicycle Builder’s Bonanza (or at least that’s the title of his book).

He builds weird bikes like the world’s tallest bike and stretched out chopper bikes. He also has a recumbent unicycle of sorts. Cool stuff.

Bicycle Gallery
One Wheeled Things gallery

The One Wheeled Things gallery has pictures of the somewhat recumbent unicycle. It’s a cross between a recumbent unicycle and a wheelie bike. It shows pictures of him riding it, but I don’t know how ridable it would be.

It also seems the guy is Canadian. Probably from Thunder Bay, Ontario according to his Guinness World Record certificate.

That all looks really cool. Looking at those pictures got me ready to go build a machine of my own, but as I entered the garage my eye was intrigued by a one-wheeled menace that took me happily into the sunset. And then I forgot about what I was doing.
Sorry for the random tangent.