The Art of Unicycling - Banksy Style

When you travel around London, you start to realise that there are bits of Banksy art everywhere. So, this morning I turned my 5 mile unicycle commute in to a 5.25 mile unicycle sight seeing tour;

Hope you like them






Nice pics

Nice pictures.

BTW> What do you have tye wrapped to you uni on the back?

I figured out the water bottle under the T7 but not on the fork tube.

I like them, but the last one hurts my head.

thats amazing

racist :roll_eyes: (hehe white racism)

Legtod2 - No water bottle, I’m afraid (I use a camel back). Both the thing under the front of the handle and cable tied to the back of the frame are lights. I’ve got 2 lights on the back (one flashing), and one big light on the front which compliments the flashing head torch attached to my helmet.

Ivan - Yeah, sorry about the orientation and the railings. Here’s a better shot of the artwork - no unicycle I’m afraid :frowning:

Robdizzle - Thanks :slight_smile:

GKMak - It’s not painted - It’s taped. I used the rough hockey stick tape for the whole assembly first, then tennis racket handle tape (nice and squishy) for both the front handles and back handle. Very comfortable!

thejdw - Even with a smilie included, that’s not the kind of comment to be chucking around in a public forum.


Sweet stuff, I did a similar ride to that here. I basically rode downtown going to all the major graffiti walls I knew of. I still couldn’t find one that I have heard of but that will be on my next trip. It’s a nice way to add some interest to a long ride, and I ended up doing over 50 km in that ride.