the ART of gliding

i know ill probably get a “why didnt you use the search feature” comment but i did and it sucks so today i was riding a pretty far distance mostly down hill and was disapointed at how slow i travel on my torker dx 20 so i tried some gliding, with embarrasing results. any pointers? foot positioning? sloped surfaces?tire pressure?

It might be obvious but put one foot on the frame and the other on the tire. Put your foot on the tire first to steady yourself. If you start falling forward ease up on the foot pressure or if your going slow give the tire a kick to get speed if you are falling backwards press harder. its easy to go slow at first and when you get more confident go quicker. Also it takes a while for your tire to warm up if you have little tread and so the tire is really slick when you start.

I agree with timbob1907 and also with practice and perseverance. You’ll pick up on gliding real quick. Tell us how it works out. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Take care

what I found that helped is to bend down your body so your chest is pointing downward. Keep your arms straight out and do what timbob said

i can’t get up 2 speed when i try 2 glide. i can do it, but i slow down after 2 seconds of glide. the only way i got a good ride was when i got my bud to let me hold onto his golf cart going down a long hill. i glided fine and kept riding

SAVAGE try only using the top of your foot and what i mean is put your foot on the frame then the other foot on the wheel but you only want the top part of your foot on and with your speed problem try lightly lifting your foot up but keep it on your tire but for 3 seconds regain speed then put your down with normal pressure then repeat when its needed

ill make a tutorial today if the weather stays good :smiley: