The after LBI thread

Hey I just got back 2 hours ago. It was an awesome ride. I think I met everyone there.

Intresting thoughts/conclutions: I realised I do infact need bike shorts. My new handle on the coker is awesome. People at LBI seem mostly friendly but some still seem to have the need to say their stupid comments we’ve heared millions of times before. Sun screen would have been a good idea. 19 miles really isnt that bad.

19 miles is cake.

I got to see my main main man (Tim). Woo hoo!

shadowuni is a really awesome Coker rider (and a nice guy). He was zooming around again at the beginning and it was way cool.

I rode while eating a pork roll with cheese sandwich that I bought at the Oasis Grill. I was going to ditch the plate and hold the sandwich in one hand, but they cut it in half. So, I rode with the plate and half the sandwich in one hand, and the other half of the sandwich in the other hand. This advanced maneuver drew many incredulous stares and laughter (a guy eating lunch while casually riding one wheel down a busy road). I regretted not getting a coffee too. I think I could have managed the coffee too.

I got stupidly sunburned. My sunburn stops abruptly where my wrist protectors go. Same on my legs and shoulders (cycling shorts and jerseys don’t move around, so there is a very sharp line dividing pale skin and sunburn). And, as several people pointed out to me, I have two white lines on each side of my face where the straps on my helmet go (I don’t know how to even out my sunburn except to mask it off with masking tape and go back out in the sun).

I had loads of fun.

The Unithon is much more enjoyable when you train for it (my typical ride is now 15 to 20 miles a day, with one 25 mile ride). I didn’t worry or get psyched out this time because of the distance, because it’s a typical ride for me. So I could just enjoy the ride. Woo hoo! These aren’t record-breaking distances, but it’s a massive improvement for me. As such…

Long Beach Island seemed much shorter this year.

Dogbowl says I have a good name for an astronaut*. Commander David Lowell.

That guy whose name I can never remember is Larry. He doesn’t read the forums much, so he probably won’t read this. Hi, Larry!

David Ramos has a giraffe and a VERY nice Summit trials for sale. Contact him if you are interested (and I really hope he doesn’t mind me posting this info).

Camelbaks rule.

You don’t need the map they hand out because the island is very skinny.

They have a little amusement park called Fantasy Island, but I didn’t see “de plane, de plane”.

Thank you to all the volunteers (the water stop people and the support vehicle people and whoever provided the good food at the end of the ride).

Joggers with headphones can’t hear you say “passing on your left”.

I was afraid Dave Stockton would get lost driving in, because I saw a sign that said “U-Turn keep left” and that was just the wrong way to go.

Everyone was nice.

Everyone should do the Unithon next year.

    • no, I’m not an astronaut, I’m a software developer, but I would like to visit outer space one day.

unithon was awesome! it seemed much easier to handle the distance this year, and i was better equipped and better trained. i had an awesome time, and Dave Lowell’s coker is pimped out to the maxX0rZ. i want one. the beach trials afterwards were fun, and uni PA don’t really suck anymore. Adam Cohen is awesome, and i am going to go riding with him more often in new york. my tan/burn is funny looking as well. i lost a set of pedals this ride, being as how the bearings have sand in them now and dont work well. can’t wait til next year. also, i want a copy of last year’s shirt, because i lost it. thanks everyone, i had a great time.
Nick: Shadowuni

The few pictures I have so far can be seen here. I’ll post more as they become available.

Someguy with a cigar? lol, that’s me celebrating the last few miles.

Well I knew it was someone I knew even if I couldn’t remember the name. I’ll update the caption.

By the way, I passed your cigar stub sometime later. Tsk. :wink:

Not to worry, it’s bio-degradable tobacco.

Thanks in advance for updating the caption. :wink:

Great Time

Great Ride, Great People and Great Cause.
My ride felt like 5 miles due to the fact that Nick(ShadowUni) and I were talking Uni the whole way. What a difference that makes. Before we knew it we were done.
Thanks to the new home builders for the porta-potties, It would have felt like 1,900 mile if it wasn’t for them.
Nick(ShadowUni) is on top of his game at 19. By the time he is my age(39) who knows what he will be able to do with one wheel.
Great group lets do it again.


As it turns out, it was indeed a fine day. It was warmer and less overcast than perhaps would have been ideal, but it was in no way unmanageable. At least for most.

For the first time after 5 years finishing the ride, I was unable to ride the whole way. I got a lift from Nikkifrog’s mother for about 3 miles about 2/3 of the way into the ride. I also walked a mile or mile and a half with Larry Mulligan at various points. Pretty much my knee, weight and the heat conspired to do me in. C’est la vie. I know what I need to do for next year.

All in all we had about 25 riders this year. (A few are not in the start picture posted above).

The ride got going about 10:35 as usual and as usual a big pack sprinted off ahead early. Dave Lowell and I hung back initially with dogbowl doing his first Unithon and first ride of more than 10 miles. After a while I rode on ahead which, as it turns out, was fairly pointless, but what did I know.

The first riders finished after an hour and a half or so with others coming in at various times between that and four and half hours or so. I took, even with the lift, around four hours.

Amusingly enough at one point Dave Lowell rode on away from dogbowl and left instructions with one of our car escorts to go back and pick him up. When I finally finished I didn’t see Dave or dogbowl around so I asked where they were. Someone said that Dave was off walking around but that no one had seen dogbowl. After several inquiries of other riders it became clear that dogbowl had been completely abandoned and left to his own devices hours back with no way to get in touch with anyone.

So off I went in my car rehearsing various apologies (I had given him a lift from the train station in my town to the Unithon and was responsible for getting him home) and looking for the nearest police station to see if anyone had heard of a lone unicyclist angrily looking for assistance. Being only the second time we’d met, I prepared for the onslaught of obscenities that might be hurled my way for letting him have to walk and ride in the mid-afternoon heat alone with no idea how much further he had to go.

Well, just before I got to the police station I see him strolling along and I yelled out, “Steve”.

I got out walking towards him bracing myself and what do I encounter but a happy guy on an adventure. To be sure with 7 miles or so to go, one happy to get a lift, but not in the least put out. Made me remember that once I, too, a New Yorker walked endlessly without complaint.

Ah well.

So the 7th Annual Unithon ended with a handful of stragglers eating cold pizza while Rosemary Sprouls, the original organizer, a few hundred feet away played the harp at an Irish wedding with the wedding party dressed in Hawaiin shirts and leis.

Thanks to all for coming and hope to see you all again next year.

Actually, nobody abandoned me at all! :smiley:
I got off to a crummy start, and Commander Dave, the generous and good-hearted unicyclist/astronaut that he is, stayed with me, encouraging me to keep at it. By the time we got to rest stop 1 (rest stop 1!!) I was totally wiped out, stressed out, and getting crabbier by the second. I know that if I asked him, he would have stayed (like a mission commander in the command module floating over the puttering and broken-down LEM moon craft), but with all my starting and stopping, I was afraid of ruining the day for him and his chance to ride his groovy coker up with the best of them, so I encouraged him to go on.
Alone, I walked for a while, rested under a tree, then slowly regained my strength and concentration—I got back on my Sun 28er and managed to get into a decent stride, and my stops and starts became less frequent—until I got exhausted again. It was a cyclical experience—riding and resting, riding and walking, resting then riding—a slow way to do it, but I was having a very enjoyable day, nevertheless! I got lemonaid from a girl with a lemonaid stand, end even purchased a couple of her had painted seashells.

Very true Raphael! It was a real adventure! A genuine Don Quixote-like adventure! Now how often does one get a chance to do something like that!

Even though I came in way, way last (Raphael picked me up in his car after I completed about two thirds of the whole bloody thing,) I had an utterly great time! Because of some health problems, I almost did not go at all, but now I’m glad I went, even if I was the final limping straggler—it was well worth it and it was fun!

You are, as always, a true inspiration, Dave! All those miles in Uniworld New Jersey (the secret training ground where Commander Dave has transformed himself into the excellent unicyclist/astronaut that he is) have paid off! Bravo!

I was very happy to meet Tim also!

All the more reason to be proud of that excellent helmet sunburn—it is a true astronaut’s sunburn—from re-entry, no doubt…

I totally agree.
This is for a lot of us a real challenge that takes place in a groovy setting. By many standards, I totally crapped out, but for me, I feel like a better unicyclist just having tried it. I got off to a bad start, but after a couple of hours, I was actually riding pretty well, and who knows, if I wasn’t in the crummy condition that I was in, if I had more than 3 hours sleep the previous night, if I didn’t have to keep fighting my unicycles leftward road-crown drift into traffic, maybe, just maybe I could have finished. There were those moments, halfway through, when my uni-mojo was in full swing, that finishing it did seem possible…Still, I have no regrets but one—that is, I would have liked to have met a few more of the unicyclists that finished had I managed to keep up.

Still, there’s next year! Oops, wait, I won’t be in the country this time, next year, OK, in 2 years! LBI Unithon 9! Aiming for the finish line!!

Back to Commander Dave Lowell again—He does have the most absolutely coolest unicycle on the planet. A revved-up psychedelic purple Saturn-5 Hot Rod Coker machine. I want one too—a bright red version!:smiley: :sunglasses:

I saw her too. Didn’t stop though.

Dogbowl : I know you just got your Sun 28", so how was the seat for you? I had a gelseat on mine and it still killed my butt. That was the torture of the ride for me. Besides the superman I did onto the pavement in the beginning. :astonished: Road rash on both hands, my elbow and knee.

My only regret is not getting to meet more of you. By the time I got to the finish, my ride was ready to leave. They had been back for an hour already. So it was a quick slice and back to NY. I did get to compare battle wounds with Obie. Didn’t know it was him at the time, Adam (JustoneWheel) told me later, btw nice to meet ya Obie.

So next time I know I need shorter cranks, airseat and to cut my seatpost so I can lower it for long didtances. When I ride trails, I like the seat higher and for long distance I really need it lower. As Raphael say’s “I know what I need to do for next year”.

Ah I knew I forgot something. I planned to bring a cigar. Oh well next year I’ll have to remember.

Even out? Why? Be proud of your cyclists’ sunburn! For MUni riders it’s a little patch of tan between the top of the leg armor and the bottom of the shorts. And possibly some little patches of red where the gaps in the armor are, like this:

I get burned very easily. Since my last trip skiing, I have sported a tiny little bottle of sunscreen in my butt-bag,in case I feel myself burning after forgetting to put it on at the car!

I’m sure he won’t, if he’s hoping to sell them. Hope he’s not losing interest in unicycling, he’s been doing it longer than most of us. He used to join us for the NYC 5-Boro Bike Tour in the 80s.

Now I think it’s called Bike New York. How come I never hear about any unicyclists riding in that? You can always bail early, or take a shortcut of some sort so you don’t have to ride the entire 42 miles. It’s an awesome experience. There’s nothing like having the roads closed for you and about 20,000 other cyclists! Oh, here you go:

I actually performed there once, my one and only visit to LBI. That park used to be even smaller! My understanding is that it now includes the neighboring miniature golf course, which used to be a separate business. Now it’s two square blocks instead of one! :slight_smile:

That’s their fault, not yours. If they choose to shut out the world, they also can’t hear the truck that doesn’t see them…

Hi Jeff/Shibumi

I just got my Sun 28er a few days ago–at Sunrise Cyclery on Long Island (I think you must know the place being from Long Island yourself)–but for the unithon I put shorter cranks on, cut the seat post, and I stuck a normal Kris Holm saddle on it. The seat was fine for me, but then again, I did a lot of stopping, so maybe I would have gotten “unicyclist’s dead butt syndrome” had I stayed on more. Still, on other rides where I managed to stay riding for longer distances, the KH saddle worked fine when combined with bike shorts.

The Sun 28er itself is great! It’s amazing how it gets trashed in these forums, but in fact, the people I’ve met or communicated with who have had good experiences on that uni far, far outnumber the ones who complain about it. I’m glad I have one–I’m getting a Michelin tire for it in a couple of days. Can’t wait…

By the way–great picture of you with the cigar! As my sig has stated for months, I’m hoping to get good enough to ride and smoke cigars at the same time…actually, I think I probably could do that at this point…

I hope you long Island guys have another off-road ride soon–I was all set to take the LIRR out to the last one, but some last minute rubbish came down and I got stuck here in the city. Let us all know if another one takes place! It’s always good to go back to the Island (I grew up, and first unicycled as a kid, in Baldwin)…

The ride was amazeing it was my first ever over 7miles and i think i was the youngist there so thats cool to. I also enjoyed the tryals after word

and thanks nick

my frend colin and i stayed over in lbi on sunday so we decided to check out the local skate park. It was a nice place until some woman yelled at us “did you read the sine” and we had and,it said in bold leters no bikeing or scorteing. Haveing one wheel we thought we where ok. Butl we got kicked out aneyway :thinking:

That’s where I purchased my Sun also. $99.

The cigar while riding? You can defintely do it, your hands are free. Sometimes after work I go home hop on the uni and take my dog out for a run in the neighborhood while smoking a cigar. It’s relaxing for me. Just don’t inhale or you’ll probably turn shades of green and pass out while riding.

I know Adam and Renie are going to do another greenbelt ride real soon, so no excuses, you have to make it. The Sun also holds up really good on the trails. If you decide to take the LIRR, let us know and someone can pick you up at the station. That really goes for anyone coming by train. Or there’s even a taxi at the station for $6 to their house.

Sounds like a great turn out Raphael. Glad everyone made it in good health.

I have found that when my knee is bothering me Hindu squats really have solved the problem. It really strengthens and stabalizes the muscles around the knee. It usually takes 2-3 days to feel good, but for someone with chronic knee issues I swear by them.

As for the weight issue. Man can I relate. I have been eating about the worst I ever have, and need to really avoid sugar. I think I am addicted and allergic. :wink: The more sugar I eat the more I swell up. Has to be an alergic reaction.

I would suggest for next years training you ride past DD instead of making it a destination:D

What are Hindu squats?

I’ve been laying off the donuts but sadly, have rediscovered the relaxing nature of beer. :slight_smile: :frowning:

And thanks, it was a decent turnout. We had 30+ a couple of years, but 25 or so is quite nice.

What an excellent day of riding! I’m pretty new to this forum but still, it was very cool meeting some of the faces of those whose uni-names appear here and even cooler to ride with 25 or so other “uni-tics”.

I especially enjoyed watching the guys from S.W.A.T display their trials skills at the park in Holgate, then again at Barnagate Light. If I was a bit younger and didn’t have a wife and 4 kids to provide for I’d definitely try some of those stunts.

My day started at 7:00 a.m. when I rode my 28" from Barnegate Light to Holgate. The ride was just over 18 miles and took me 2 hours and 5 minutes to complete. Most of the way I fought a pretty stiff head wind. I found it a bit difficult because it wasn’t a steady wind, but rather quite gusty. I had to constantly adjust my riding position. I often found myself assuming a more aerodynamic position to help battle the gusts. About 30 - 40 minutes after I arrived at the park in Holgate several cars and vans filled with unicycles started pouring into the parking lot. I then knew that I was in the right place.

The next 45 minutes or so was filled with introductions, newspaper interviews, unicycle swapping and the display of trials skills from the SWAT crew.

By the way, did you see that cop show up. He didn’t look too happy when he showed up at the park and found unicycles everywhere. I was surprised he didn’t arrest the SWAT guys or something. :stuck_out_tongue:

The ride back to Barnagate was a nicer ride since the wind was to my back. I did miss, however, the refreshing wind on my face as I rode. It seemed that the speed which I rode was exactly the same as the wind speed rendering the air very still. Needless to say the ride back was a hotter one and I had to consume a lot more fluids.

About 13 miles into the return trip my right knee started playing tricks on me. I had to take a break and stretch it out which turned out to be a big mistake for when I started riding again I was in excrutiating pain for the next 1/4 mile then the pain subsided. I had to dismount every 1 1/2 to 2 miles to relieve the pain only to go through it all over again. With only 2 miles to go I thought my knee would explode but I dare not get off again because I didn’t think I’d be able to get back on and finish. The ride back took me 2 hours and 10 minutes.

When the day was done I clocked 37.7 miles. It is my longest ride to date but not my hardest due to the lack of hills. I’m thinking my 28" is no longer adequate for the distances I’ve been riding. I’m planning to build a 36’er real soon.

I want to thank JJuggle for organizing the incredible ride which was well organized. I can’t wait for next year.

I want to give a shout out to ShadowUni whose riding skills totally blew me away. Hey… your shirt is on the way!

I also enjoyed meeting with JustOneWheel from the Island who I’d like to get together with again to ride and compare notes on spreading the word about the wonderful sport of unicycling.

A word out to John Foss: I think it would be great to get a group together to ride next years 5 Borough bike tour. What a trip that would be to get 20 - 30 unicycles together for that one. I think the entry fee is close to $50. I remember back when it was $1 to enter.

Thanks for a great ride and I hope to see you all next year!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :wink:

Ride with your brain, your body will follow!