The Adventures of Spencer and Joe

Joe Campbell came to visit me this weekend so we filmed some stuff.
It’s mostly trials (even if flat is better :P). Don’t expect a masterpiece, just fun relaxed riding.
We’re pretty much nocturnal so most of our riding happened at night so sorry for the ugly footage.

good thing i decided no to use this song for my unicon video comp entry after having planned to.

1:13 was the best part of the whole dam video!! :wink: 2:45 also gave me the lulz.
anyway really great filming and awsome trial and flat! luved it

thanks for sharing. awesome video. nice to see you re also having fun to ride trials a bit, spencer. massive hops from joe.

song fits perfect but maybe a bit too sad.


Love this video guys. I laughed a couple times:p
How could you see where you were going at 2:31?:smiley:

damn why did i have to move to utah! you should transfer to university of utah next semester when joe moves here. haha. i loved the flat mixed with trials. it was badass. and the night shot with joe and the office chair looked legit. also whatever happened to flatland trike video and feety pajama video?

nice vid!! some impressing trial lines :stuck_out_tongue:
and I really laughed at 2:45 :D:D

You guy’s should stick to the daylight riding times as there appears to be a better selection of cute girls during those hours.

I would love to see spencer at a trials comp. All trials would benefit from the addition of flat.

This is awesome because Joe almost quit unicycling in the past few months.Fix your spokes Joe !!

lol it sounds like every single drop he breaks a spoke.

that was awesome! the trials was great. i loved seeing it from spencer too haha. i know of another non trials rider who should be makin a trials vid soon as well;)

OH MYLANTA i love this video

Oh my tharth!!

That was an adventure.

heart u Mike, ill fix em.

big strong men are hard on spokes huh joe?

Great fun vid.
Nice flat/trial from Spencer and big hops from Joe.
But I’m glad I’m not the one that needs to fix Joe’s wheel after his riding…

That Was pretty tight you guys. Absolutely loved your video.
Your unicycle is pretty awesome looking Spencer. Is Joe riding the new solid K-1 rim (has offset spokes)?

The line was too easy so I had to make it harder by keeping my hair in my face :slight_smile:

Well the star of that video moved to utah so it is hard to make progress.

I think its just the tryall street rim (like the orange bud/DH) but joe stripped the paint off.

That was a pretty sweet video!

I can’t believe Joe has almost quit.

On the other hand, it seems that 18-24 are the ages most people quit, for whatever reasons.

I remember Spencer being good at trials back at NAUCC '07. It was cool to see trials mixed with flat and street.

Be kind to your rims!