The Accounting Cycle

My girlfriend recently saw this book on sale at her college. I think its clear that this book is trying to speak to us.

Here’s the page I found it on.

that lame Savage unicycle its butt buster seat get more pub than it ever sould, now it even gets hard bound.


sweet. if accounting always involved unicycles, i would have it made.

Ehhhhh…what does accounting have to do with unicycling?
Duh… I am confused. :thinking:

accounting has absolutely nothing to do with unicycling. some author just likes unicycles.

List Price: $137.33 :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

Obviously comes with a free unicycle :roll_eyes: .


sadly that’s cheaper than my accounting textbooks were a few years ago. still though, ouch.


Klaas Bil

and this book has recently come out in the UK


It’s a college textbook; this is a normal price for a college text.

Once you get to college you’ll eventually just get used to be reamed from buying your textbooks.

It’s back-to-school time, which means yet again spending hundreds of dollars on books that you’ll never need again after the current semester. Rock on!

Woah, get that man some cycling shorts!

That actually looks like a fascinating book. I bet Nathan Hoover will want one. He’s into Japanese sumo, and unicycling! He’s not back from the Alps tour yet.

As for the accounting book, their choice of unicycle says to me that their understanding of accouting is that it’s both a difficult balancing act, as well as uncomfortable! Serious chafing! :slight_smile:

Old accountants never die… they just lose their balance.


This… er… joke, crossed my mind a few weeks ago, as I was wondering whether a similar pun could be used for unicyclists, but I think it would only really work if it were a ‘post-modern’ reference to the above, and wouldn’t work so well as a stand alone quip. If only unicycling had a double-ententre on the word ‘balance’…

Sam :slight_smile:

You guys don’t get it. That’s no ordinary unicycle! That’s the Accounting Cycle! It does math at high speeds!

Need your taxes done? No problem! Just call the Accounting Cycle! Being audited? No big deal! Just call the Accounting Cycle!

I think we should all ask ourselves this very important question. Where would the world be without the Accounting Cycle? It would be a much darker world, my friends. Much darker.