The 8th Birmingham (UK) Circus Convention

Yes, it’s nearly time for…

…the 8th Birmingham Circus Convention.

Saturday May 3rd, 2003

10am until 10pm

Ladywood Arts and Leisure Centre,
Monument Rd, Ladywood, Birmingham

6 pounds in advance (if you’re quick), 8 pounds on the door
Concessions 6 pounds
Under 8’s free

What does that include?

Children’s Show (in the afternoon)
Unicycle Hockey
Renegade Show
Public Show

Look at this for the Public Show lineup…

Steve Rawlings
Extracts from Vaudeville or Gaudeville:
Frank Dapper
Los Romeros
Javier’s Havoc With Hats
Steve Arnold
Annette Gliwa
The Silver Man
Rob Firey
Dave ‘Okay’ Kelly

Check out

*** Unicyclists get a hall all to themselves ***

Thanks for your time.


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