The 5th British Unicycling Convention

Rocket wrote:

> At last years British Unicycle Convention it was decided that this year the
> convention would be organised by Hackney and it would probably be sometime in
> May. It now looks like this will not happen. Some of the Hackney hockey team
> have moved away recently and in particular James Bentley who was leading the
> organisation has just got a new job in Manchester.


Well it definatly is going to happen now (thanks Johnathen!). Having talked to
James Bently, yes he couldn’t do it… Did lots of phoning and we have a team of
organisers, talked to the organisers of the European Juggling Convention and
they say “yes they can help”. So here is the deal, The 5th British Unicycling
Convention will take place in Edinburgh the week after UNICON IV in Germany: 3rd
to 8th August 1998.

What we know is happening at the moment is: *Unicycle Workshops - Beginner to
Expert *Unicycle Hockey Championships *Unicycle Basketball *Track Events - 100m,
400m, 1500m, One footed, Relays…etc *Marathon *Trade Stalls *Renegade Shows
*Treasure Hunt *Games - lots of them! Mountain Unicycle (MUNI) Challenge on
Authors Seat

Registration will be on the joint registration form for the European Juggling
Convention. It is not out yet but I believe will not be long.

If you would like more information or would like to offer any help (and we need
it) mail:

Well, see you there, John :slight_smile:


                      Stockton, North East England

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