The 360 rolling hop-twist.

I used the search feature, and most posts about 360s were accomplishment-type threads, or threads that offered little information.

So, my 360s look a lot like my 180s, only uglier. Is landing a 360 an issue of overall power, or are there specific things i should be focusing on? (I hop right foot forward, right hand on the handle, spinning to the left.) What i’m thinking about right now is; look over my shoulder, make my left hand spin, and hope. Does anybody have any specific know-how on how to make the “circle thing” with my left hand to my advantage, or any other tips regarding power, spin, my right hand, things to keep in mind, etc?

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I want to know too, I can do 360s but I either need a prehop or to pivot at the last second. I want to be able to do them without “cheating”. I do it the same as you do, right foot forward, right hand, to the left.

(I hop right foot forward, right hand on the handle, spinning to the left.)

This is the same way that i’ve always done them, but if you switch up your hand or direction so you are spinning to the same direction as the hand you are using you might be able to get more speed on your spin. They also look a lot more stylish this way.

Really try to torque your upper body as you begin to jump.


Someone was showing me how to do them and he said the best way to get them nicely is to practice doing 90 degree prehops then a 270 and eventualy that 90 degree prehop just disapears and your 360s are seamless. I’m still just able to do 180-180s so I can’t comment on the success of it from personal experience, but his 360s were really nice and clean so I would imagine that what he said is true.

Edit, when i said i hop right foot forward, i really meant to say left. Dan, thanks for the advice on upper body torque, but i think i’ll keep my spin direction the same as it is when i ski. In either case, what should the non-handle hand be doing? What’s the point of that “circle thing” that people landing 360s always do with their offhands? anybody know?

Well I guess this thread wasn’t meant to be: Unicycle Tricks Thread

I can’t do them on flat very well, its alot easier to do off a ledge or stairs i think because you have alot more time to spin.
Try swinging your arm around really fast to get mor speed and do a sharp 90 degree turn. Also any tips on 540’s, once i go past 360 i get a really wierd loss of all balance.

I think it is the same idea as with figure skaters, you spin it extended to gain centrifical (sp?) force and then pull it in to somehow magnify that force. I didn’t take physics this year so I don’t know how it works but I think that is what happens.

Luke, in my opinion the thread you linked is too unspecific. A unicycle tricks forum would be great, with one thread per skill, but trying to organize questions and answers about unispins, twists, rolling hops, crankflips, freestyle skills, etc, into one thread can get pretty fattening.
But imagine a unicycle skills forum, moderated so that only one thread per skill could be made. Wouldn’t that be sweet? any thoughts?