The 24" (hook) Worm Turns

Fairly big, grippy tyre with low rolling resistance. The low rolling resistance can be a pain when wheel walking, as your legs have to do more work -to keep the speed down. The volume is high enough that it’s not-too-shaby on stairs when run at a moderate pressure. The tread patern running all the way up the side wall can be disconcerting- instead of sliding out of accute angels, the tyre grips and forces some changes in riding posture… on this note, spins are a bit harder for me than on my well-worn 2.175 knobby (perhaps this will change once the tyre is broken in). The main contributer to grip on pavement isn’t the depressed wormy patern, but a rough texture to the ‘flat’ portion of the tread.

Seems like an interesting mix of urban qualities. If you’re considering it for indoor-freestyle and have been having trouble with the cycle sliding out on a slick gym floar, this tyre should do away with that- and traction on the sides meen you can power through turns without fear (heck, you might want shorter cranks so that you can lay into turns further!).

Ack- time to get back to work. Sorry for the lack of poetry. :stuck_out_tongue:


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I don’t know if the Hookworm is indoor safe (i.e. non marking on gym floors). Could someone with the tire give it a really good spin on a gym floor and see if it is non-marking?

It looks like a great tire. It would be a great tire for the “extra large” adult trainer.
You would have to switch to a Yuni frame to fit the fatter tire, but it would be a great unicycle for a heavier rider.

it’s fine if your not super-spining. How does the volume compare to that of a fireball?

I haven’t seen the Hookworm and Fireball side by side. But the Hookworm is less volume than the Fireball. The Hookworm does have a much more rounded profile.

I took a short ride on a Hookworm last night. I should have taken the opportunity to look at it next to a Monty wheel. My guess is that it is slightly less wide than a Monty tire, but a lot of the Monty tire is tread and knobs which makes it look wider while the Hookworm is smooth.

is the hook worm a non marking tire?

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It looks like it just might fit in an old Schwin frame, too. -somebody try it on principles sake. While it might fit in a Yuni frame, a Lucifer fork would be my first choice, followed by a Nimbus II. It’s too bad the XLW doesn’t come in a 24" frame. :frowning:


like I said, it doesnt mark if you are not a super spinning star, or are not doing 540 unispin one after another. so for most people, yes it’s nonmarking. if it does mark (like it does for me) then it’s just really light marks.

is this the same as a primo “the wall” or…

I havent tried black primos, so I dont know. Iv been using my grey/orange hooky for 5 months, and it was still good. but I had to swap for a primo due to shows (TCUC requires all actual showeers to use white tires [doesnt count parades]).

The 24x2.5 Hookworm is all black. If your orange/gray hookworm could mark a floor then the black tire will leave more noticeable marks. The 24x2.5 Hookworm uses the same rubber compound as the 20" Hookworm.

Sounds like the black Hookworm would be OK on a gym floor as long as you avoid real aggressive moves.

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How about for practical sake? My Schwinns were cheap and are heavy, flexy and fun! 2.5’s should fit in a 24" Schwinn frame, at 3.0 it rubs too much due to the frame flex.

I’ve only had the Hookworm for a week, haven’t noticed any markings on my garage floor or the tile floor at our practice facility.

Here’s the Hookworm and an Arrow, both 2.5’s at 30psi:

unitire012203 003.jpg

No, I used the grey/orange hooky extensivly with no marking problems, I have used a black one on my 16", and it only marks landing 540º’s, and when spinning hard. playing hockey and most riding in general it’s fine.

i have the 24x2.5 hookworm on my new red hot uni (pics some day) so far this tire is real nice and it is very fat.its not as fat as my Monty was but it is fatter than i thing that has not been mentioned is the thick DH style sidewall that it has.

the sidewalls are not at all paper thin like most slick tyres,they are thick like a Gazz.

the weird thing is my LBS was told by Maxxis that this tyre didnt exist :thinking: or wasnt being made anymore.all the shop employees tried to buy mine but i told them to bug off and order from since they have them.i hope what Maxxis said doesnt mean this tyre like the Fireball will be discontinued.

their website lists them…

Max is right on regarding marking. I took the Black Hookworm for a few spins this morning on one of those rubbery gym floors. It did leave a light black mark that easily rubbed off.

and it’s even lighter on slippery wood/tile floors

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Hey Max, can you land a 540 unispin on your 20"?


once or twice in about a half an hour, but last time I tied was a couple weeks ago. Why?

I was just wondering, I saw you doing them on your 16" and was wondering if you could do them on the 20. I’ve landed one once on my trials uni… super hard.


man, I can barely land a 360 on a mod with heavy profile cranks.