the 2006 monty unicycle

hey fellow uni riders can anyone help me how much does the 2006 monty trials unicycle cost for canada can anyone help find this out please thank you.

                                               Tony aka new_unicycler.

I’ve never seen the monty unicycle, do you have a picture?

Its a pile of poo…It doesnt even have a splined hub.

They have a sponsored rider who rides a unicycle see but if you look he doesn’t ride a Monty unicycle which like trials_uni says only has a standard cotterless hub (it isn’t even a CrMo cotterless hub) so won’t be good for trials.


The person in those pictures was at Unicon. He was riding a Monty prototype and in some of the pictures linked of him riding that was the same unicycle he was riding at unicon. It had a lot of wholes in!

A few people where riding the new Monty tyre, I got told it is really good.

Monty’s style is holey.