The 16" Divide

I began unicycling at the back end of my student days on a 20" German cheapy.

At last, after 2.5 years, I’ve finally been able to upgrade. To a 36" Nimbus Impulse I bought secondhand.

Why such a BIG upgrade? Simply because I’ve never really had the money to buy anything better. So I just plugged away and kept on riding about with a smile. I’ve always wanted a bigger wheel, but when more important expenses need to be settled then that’s simply life. Then the chance came to purchase one for about $400, and I jumped at it. Besides, I love the Nimbus frame designs and to pick one up was a treat. And with disc brakes and handle bars, why not.

So what’s the step up like from a 20" to a 36"? Not that bad actually. I’m going to take a while to freemount with ease, but the first day’s riding has actually been okay so far. Once you’re able to power through the first few pedal strokes then it feels relatively comfortable. I managed to ride about 40m before I ran out of parking lot, so I’m very excited to get it down to some deserted roads this weekend and see how this bugger flies.

Onwards :slight_smile:

Hope you post a pic in the 36er thread.