The 10th Birmingham Circus Convention (UK)

In May 2005, Blair, Howard and Kennedy will be
fighting to get to Number 10. We’ll be there. Will you?

Yes, it’s nearly time for…

…the 10th Birmingham Circus Convention.

Saturday May 7th, 2005

10am until 10pm

Ladywood Arts and Leisure Centre,
Monument Rd, Ladywood, Birmingham, B16 8TR

6 pounds in advance (if you’re quick), 8 pounds on the door
Concessions 6 pounds
Under 8’s free

What does that include?

Loads of workshops
Children’s Show (in the afternoon)
Renegade Show
Public Show

What about the unicyclists?

Separate unicycling hall
Beginners’ Workshop
Intermediate Workshop
Unicycle Hockey

Birmingham Circus Convention is famous for its shows. This year is no
exception, just look at the lineup:

Steve Rawlings
Do we really need to say anything about Steve Rawlings? We do?
Oh, alright then. He’s a “Juggler Extraordinaire who brings an
audience to life with his unique blend of comedy character and
technical ability”. Did that help? No? OK, he’s a rather good juggler
and he’s somewhat funny too.

Rob & Annetta
An interesting act involving club stealing and sharing
to a video projection entitled “New Zealand Diaries”.

Joe Hague
A high-energy technical juggling routine. 'Nuff said.

Steve Arnold
This local lad gets better and better. What, even better than last year?
Can’t be done…

Robin Gunney
Once again our scouts have been out and about looking for the best.
When Pan (the man) is impressed, you know it’s gonna be good. He
described this act as “lots of flashy stuff with balls” but I think I
know what he meant.

And your compere for the evening…

Little Paul

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Thanks for your time.