The 10 skill levels of street.

i agree

this level stuff is dumb, i dont think it should be for any type of unicycling. There is way to much out there to list, so just ride and love it.

you dont see skateboarding and bmx’ing with skill levels…


If we think back to the original reasons for the USA skill levels (which came before the IUF ones), I think one of the main intents was to help people figure out what things to try next. If you look at it from that point of view it could be more useful.

Also the USA started out with only four levels, in 1979 or so. The list of 10 was made in the mid-80s. Street is so new, if you want a workable system it’s probably best to focus on the lower levels first, and see what lots of riders thind of them before worrying too much about the top ones. Some people will have tricks they like, others will have tricks they don’t like, and others will have tricks they can’t do nearly as easily as the others in the list.

When you have a lot of feedback from riders, especially from riders trying to learn the skills, it will give an idea of which things are harder than which others, and they can be moved around to be in the appropriate order. Or you can make harder or easier variations of the tricks to keep them in the same place.

Street is so new, I’d recommend keeping it simple for now. As somebody mentioned above, you don’t want to close the box on how people think of Street moves. It should be clear that what’s on this list are just a few of the more common moves. Riders should always be encouraged to think up new ideas.

The freestyle skill levels obvioulsy don’t include everything that the best freestyle riders pull off, so it’s not like this list has to have everything in it. Though some people might proclaim that they are a certain level rider, I think it is good for beginners to look at this list as they progress, because it gives them an idea as to what they should work on next. I remember that I was excited to become a level 5 or 6 rider for the freestyle list, but then gave up trying to get anything after that and started to find my own style. Looking at that list really helped me to know what I should work on next.

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