that's the last time i teach someone with out pads!

I was teaching a girl from school to ride the other day and had the great idea of standing behind her as she tried to freemount! note to self never again! I got a metal trials pedal in my shin i forgave her I knew not so stand behind her.
Then I said ok try ride to me, one rev she fell on her arse and she did the other shin for me!
I am never going to teach again not with out 4x4’s on.
one of her friends boyfriends came and managed 4 rev’s on his first go i think he manged 100meters or so be the end of the day!

Hah! What you get for teaching someone’s girlfriend. :smiley:

PS at least your shins match.

You could just try standing to the side, like most learning-to-ride instructions suggest… :slight_smile:

But leg protection never hurt anyone.

Lol made me laugh when i saw that, one of them ey ;).
I usually stick to the side when teaching people to do things


Many years ago, on Christmas morning, I initiated my father’s shins in the same manner.

After that injury to Dad, I learned by myself. :smiley:

It still remains my father’s favorite unicycle story. Imagine if I would have had pin pedals back then. --chirokid–

Yes tha does suck, but the most advisable way to prevent this is to keep to the side of the unicycle . People in my experience, have taken to learning with a shoulder or wall beside them easier then in the front or behind them.

It worked great to walk backwards in front of my sister holding both her hands. But after one fall and a scratch I had had enough of that.

I thought I was beside her but she moved over to put her hand on my shoulder and i was looking somewhere else! :roll_eyes:
but the other time I was in front of her tring to get her to leave the wall!:smiley: I have been wearing pads almost all the time I have been riding so my leg’s looked “normal” and un unicyclist like!

:smiley: finally after a few day’s the girl can ridish, we managed to go fairly far we where both riding uni’s i think she could ride with out holding my hand and she has a few times it’s always good to a see new unicyclists!!