That's it, next time the map is staying at home!

That’s twice this has happened now!

I left work at lunchtime and went to a spot I’d noticed on the map with a high concentration of paths and contour lines all nicely hidden away in a forest, thinking it would probably make for a good ride. When I got there I was rather dissappointed; the track was through some quite pleasant forest but was massively rutted, beaten up and marshy to the point of being almost unwalkable, let alone rideable.

I gave up half way along my planned route and headed back to the car… only to become somewhat navigationally challenged close to the car park, and accidentally ending up in another wood. This was smaller, but with some excellent singletrack in it! Swoopy downhills with occasional technical corners or steep bits, and a fairly smooth uphill track back to the top with a few obstacles of logs and rocks evidently placed there by someone else who liked the riding. It was much better drained, too… just the right level of slippiness to ensure downhill corners are hairy enough while not getting frustrating. Even so, the hill’s can of whoopass was larger than mine, resulting in a rather scary dive down a hill off to the side of the track, and a leaf/mud facial that would cost a fortune if you did it indoors.

So next time, rather than carefully looking at the map and deciding where looks like it might be a good spot, I’m just going to get myself totally and utterly lost. Maybe I won’t be able to get home again afterwards, but the riding should be excellent!


Re: That’s it, next time the map is staying at home!

Get yourself a GPS and you’ll be able to find your way home again. Ohhhh… More toys. :slight_smile:

Re: Re: That’s it, next time the map is staying at home!

Stop it stop it stop it stop it! I’ve just had to buy a new mouse…


i was the navigater on the cali-muni drive down there.those GPS things are confusing but once you get it figuered out and everything programmed in,its an amazing tool but it was spooky,we were taking lefts and rights so fast that it would be so easy to be really lost if the batterys died.