That felt good, but ouch

I hadn’t ridden my Coker for 4 months. In fact, I’d hardly unicycled at
all in that time.

It became apparent in December that Cindy needed new bearings. Just
before Christmas I decided not to ride again until I’d replaced them.
Halfway though January I got round to ordering a set from Roger, who of
course shipped them immediately. At the beginning of February I fitted
them. The first ride was great for the first mile or so, then the
cranks started to rub against the bearing holders as the bearings slid
out from the hub.

A quick Google on rsu revealed that the solution was to use Nutlock or
something similar. Unfortunately mine had run out and I couldn’t find
it for sale anywhere. Roger had some at BJC, but only the permanent
stuff. I meant to see what he had at BUC, but I came down with
gastroenteritis and didn’t go. I finally found some a couple of weeks
ago in Halfords, and last Saturday I refitted the bearings.

National Bike to Work Day is usually a good day to yike to work, so I
did. The ride was smooth and it felt good. But my sit bones are no
longer used to unicycling (they’re not even used to a bike saddle,
because I ride a recumbent). So they’re rather sore now. I still
really need to try out the KH Velo saddle properly, to see if that would
be a worthy replacement for the Viscount. On the brief try I had at BJC
(on carpet and on a unicycle that was too high), the front felt too
wide, but that wasn’t really much of a test.

Disappointingly, I didn’t overtake any cyclists today. But on the way
home, when I joined the cyclepath, I pulled out in front of a couple of
cyclists who I then watched slowly recede into the distance in my mirror

(A few weeks ago I acquired a glasses mounting 3rd Eye mirror, which
I’ve been using on the recumbent but hadn’t yet used for unicycling.
It’s great.)

I think the next thing is to see if I can get a pair of 5.5" cranks
(140mm?), because I find 6" too long and 5" too short for Cokering.

Danny Colyer (remove safety to reply) ( )
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