That D@#% Circus Song

Last friday I was riding and rode past two guys walking and one of them, thinking he was oh-so-clever decided to burst out in the the circus song. Only thing was, he got it wrong! He started duh-duh-duh-ing a John Phillip Souza march. I can’t remember which one even though I’m sure I played it in high school band. I just laughed out loud and kept riding. I probably shoulda gone back a said, ‘No you moron, it goes like this,’ and done it the right way.

I got some one singing the stupid song this weekend too. I then dropped off of a 3 foot ledge and the song turned to the whole group of people speachless.

I love doing that!

I like peppermint!

me too!:smiley:
but that f**king song can ruin a ride for me:(

it’s The Enterence of the Gladiators, right?
i don’t think it’s very anoying… seeing as how they peobably don’t know a whole lot about unis…
but it’s so fun to do that drop thing! once i was riding along a trail on the side of a drop, about seven feet. and there were these kids walking by and they’re saying “dudes! a unicyce! da-da-didly-doo-doo dee-dee-doo-da…” then i rode over and dropped off of the ledge and they all screamed with genuine fright couse they couldn’t see me landing it! :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate it when people sing that song or just “laugh” realy loadly, it can ruin a day but when it turns to wow and they start saying how amazing you are and stuff it can make a day.

when they start just whistle it really loudly. thats fun

and i like pepermint too.

It’s Entry of the Gladiators by Fucik.

So it’s that F%$#& Circus song

:astonished: you mustent let it! I say ignor the b@$tards :smiley:

You mean it’s that Fuc*k song.

If people sing the wrong song to me I consider it a good thing! :slight_smile:

If you allow them to ruin your ride, they win. Don’t let them ruin your ride. Allow them their moment, thinking they are the first ever to think of that tune, and then ride on. Or have a witty come back.
Don’t be so sensitive. Worse things will happen in life.


The only John Philip Sousa march I know is ‘The Liberty Bell March’. If someone starting singing the theme to Monty Python’s Flying Circus at me as I rode past I’d probably UPD from laughing so hard.