Thanksgiving day Uni-Century

Some sights & sounds from Thanksgiving day Uni-Century. My eighth ride of 100 miles or more since 2010. The girls at the 3 min. mark seemed impressed!

Awesome Terry! I hope you had a great thanksgiving dinner afterwards. :slight_smile:

Good job!

You’re the man Terry!
Your 150 Miles trip was amazing too!

The only thing I wonder: where do you put your cam stick when you are not filming?

Thanks guys!

@fugsworth: When not in use, the gopro, which is attached to a small travel tripod, goes into a “sleeve”, which is just a PVC tube mounted under the T-handle.


Excited about doing the 24hr/200 miler in January which marks both the first ten years in the saddle and also the big Six-O. But then thought about waiting till June since the days are the longest with the shortest overnight. Pretty sure it’s a go for Jan. And my ADHD demands it, haha! :smiley:

These are the 8 long rides done since my first in 2010, totaling 874 miles:

100 - 11//26/15
100 - 6/3/15
150 - 1/16/15
100 - 12/6/14
120 - 10/23/13
114 - 3/12/13
100 - 2/4/13
100 -7/9/10