To Plumsie, whom I’ve never met, and Semach the Monkey (Spencer) whom I have met, for responding almost immediately to my request for help getting my damaged KH24 wheel to BUC for a replacement rin.

Thanks to Spencer for collecting it and bringing it back and keeping me fully informed.

Thanks to Roger for his quick and courteous reply, and for sorting out the rim for me at what must have been a busy weekend for him.

What a great community we are.


Meh, I like the community part

No problemo! It really wasn’t much work on my part, but I’m glad I could be of some assistance.


Hooray, glad it got fixed. :slight_smile:

I don’t want there to be a lull in your story telling.

these thread makes me fuzzy (like photos of bigfoot) and warm (like a sunday afternoon)

Glad it worked out ok. Building the wheel was fun, it was done and that was the important bit. :slight_smile:

I actually really enjoyed bulding your wheel, sort of a mission and then I had really good and unexpected company when building it.