Hi thank-you all for the hints and tips they are all great and have been
very helpful all the family was doing it with me (mum) at first but now the
novelty has warn of so I have my Uni. to myself !!
the height been the same all the time is helping no end and I have marked
the frame so that I always get back to the right size for me

I still ache and have bruises were I didn’t think you could get them lol
other than that I’m really trying

bye for now one bruised achy happy Uni mother of three lol Alison

Re: Thanks

I am not so lucky- after undertaking the instruction of the neighborhood kids, they come by whenever I am home and ask for the unicycles. There’s nothing quite as deflating as watching a 12 year old free mount and ride 50’ with only 4 hours in the sadle. Today he started riding down steps on Medina. I may never get it back.