Thanks To You All...I'm addicted!!!

good morning!!! been lurking here for quite some time, and decided to finally stop being shy about being a newbie and join in.

just wanted to say thank you to everyone…the past few months have been a learning experience, gathering info and learning about this sport, and how to ride, thru this site. I enjoy reading everyones posts, even threads and posts going back years in time. the downside, however, is the addiction to municycling and this site (can never get enough), but in a good way :smiley:

I’m looking forward to being a member of this site, get to know, and learn from all of you guys…:slight_smile:

Welcome, and I’m glad you’re enjoying it.

Looks like you’re in New Jersey, but what else can you tell us? What unicycle(s) do you own? What sort of riding do you do, and what are your hopes for your future riding?

hi Mikefule

thanks for the welcome…

well, been wanting to learn to unicycle for years…I once saw a guy on a muni in a trail in Long Island, NY while mountain biking, and have since then always been curious and wanted to somehow learn to unicycle. a bike shop in Brooklyn had a unicycle laying around and I tried it to no avail…couldn’t even get on it for my dear life, lol. decided to let go of the curiosity and the dream…

fast forward 10-12 years later, this past April during our staycation, told my GF that I think I wanna learn to uni, and eventually take it off-road, like I do my beach cruiser fixie mountain bikes, and she thought I’m nuts…bought a unicycle on CL for $35 and held on to my dear life while learning in the basement between two poles. she never thought I’d progress this far…

I’ve been riding my local trails, full loop, however, not without UPD’s…most UPD’s pretty much occur on tough technical climbs, rocky and/or rooty. going downhill, at times, gets a bit sketchy, especially with drops, rocks and roots, but getting better everytime I ride…

I pretty much just want to get better, especially on hopping, so I can hop these pesky rocks and roots :smiley: I’ve also learned to accept the fact that off-road muni is not without risks, and so, hoping for less and less injuries with time :frowning:

Hi Muni Fix! And yes, tell us more about your unicycles and what kind of riding you do.

hey guys

I tried to respond to Mikefule’s post earlier, but somehow didn’t get posted? I thought the moderators have to look into it being my first, as a newbie…:slight_smile:

anyway, thanks for the welcome. I’ve always dreamt of being on a unicycle eversince I saw a guy on a muni in Long Island, NY, while I was mountainbiking. A bike shop I frequented back then had one laying around, and asked the owner if I can try it, but to no avail…couldn’t get on it or ride it, if my life depended on it. I couldn’t fathom how the guy was riding it, or any unicyclist for that matter…so I just decided to let the dream go…

fast forward 10-12 years later, during our staycation in April this year, I woke up one morning and told my GF I want to learn to unicycle, and hopefully go off-road with it, like I do with my custom beach cruisers mountain fixies. she thought I was nuts riding my fixies off-road, but thought I was nuttier for wanting to unicycle and thought I’ll never be able to do it! bought a $35 uni on CL and held on to dear life, learning between poles in the basement.

learning from youtube videos (many coming from this forum), as well as related threads and posts in here, and much to her surprise, I learned how to unicycle. happy to say, I am now a municyclist, able to ride my regular trails here in NJ, though not without UPD’s :o…mostly on rocky and rooty sections of the climbs, since my hopping is still sub-par. going downhill gets better everytime.

as for future riding, just hoping to learn from you guys, as well as share my experience with this wonderful hobby/sport… and avoid further injuries…I’ve come to accept the fact that this sport is without no risk, so be it…

Yes that is what unicycling does. It gets you addicted. Prolly because it requires quite a commitment and persistence to learn to ride it and once you can it feels so much nicer than riding a b*ke, which is outright boring.

Welcome to the forum, Muni Fix. I figured from your screen name that you prefer muni. Being a beginner is tough, and the falls can be random. I suggest you work towards getting a hand on the seat handle (if you’re not doing that already). Then, you will less likely to stay caught on the seat while your feet slip off the pedals. Problems can come from pedals being too slippery, or too grippy. I don’t do giant drops, and I don’t need really aggressive pedals. I rounded out, slightly, the edges of the pins on my first pair of muni pedals. If your feet are too stuck to the pedals, that could inhibit you from learning how to reposition your feet, putting you in more danger. Finally, I know you like muni, but now that you’ve caught the bug, you might consider practicing general skills on a 20". It will help your muni riding. Good luck, and keep riding!

Unicycling is a healthy high.

I think people trying to quit drugs, alcohol, smoking, should all take up unicycling.

Create a prison program to rehabilitate criminals with unicycling.

I’ve stopped drinking since learning to unicycle, mostly so I could afford the new habit, though. :slight_smile:

I’m a bit embarrassed to admit the amount of munis I amass in a short period of time. started with a CL cheapo uni, which I now loaned to a friend, hoping to get him started. and lets just say the rest is because I’m so addicted to this, I must have them all…lol… I’ve ridden each munis in the trails this past week during my four days off.

Persistence, commitment, and determination. I enjoy muni so much that I haven’t been on my bikes since learning to uni back in April. this weekend before hitting the trails, I rode one of the bikes in the parking lot in front of my house, and it felt funny holding on to something in front of me, so I put it back in the basement, and muni’d instead. riding in the trails is hard work, but it feels amazing and rewarding afterwards.

I’m pretty much comfortable grabbing the seat handle, so no problems there. even practicing to grab it with my left hand. one issue tho, and I don’t know if any of you experience this, but my right middle finger seems…don’t really know how to explain it, but some tightness? maybe from grabbing the seat handle? any suggestions?

repositioning my feet is another that I’m getting used to everytime.

I do practice on the 20" in the basement. it’s a great way to learn things from. I can now freemount comfortably with either foot, jump mount, idle on either legs, ride backwards, hop…all because of the 20" and transferring the skills learned to the bigger wheels…

I can see the films now:

The wheelman of Alcatraz. A man doing life in the high security prison secretly builds a unicycle and escapes along a very long slackline from his prison window.

The Greatest Escape on Earth. While some of the POWs are doing back flips on a vaulting horse that conceals the entrance to an escape tunnel, others are practising a human pyramid on unicycles. The soil from the tunnel is disposed of from the trouser legs of a clown on a giraffe unicycle - he can carry about half a ton in one journey, but pedalling is hard work. Eventually, when the tunnel is ready, the one with the giraffe can’t get through because the tunnels is too low, although he speaks the immortal line,“Take me with you, I can seat drag perfectly.”

Eventually, most of the escapees are recaptured, leaving only one who gets close to the border. He is pursued by Nazis on b*kes, but his G24 with 110mm cranks keeps him just ahead. As he approaches the border fence, he lines up for a rolling hop but just fails to nail it and is caught within sight of freedom.

Meanwhile, another makes it as far as having his papers checked at the railways station. He speaks perfect German and thinks he has got through, but the soldier on the security desk is suspicious and catches him out as he rides away by saying, “Vere is your utter veel?” and he replies in English, “On my other unicycle.” There is a burst of machine gun fire…

The great escape, unicycle edition…