Thanks to Memphis Unicycle Club & Tommy Thompson for a Spectacular NAUCC thread.

Thank you to Tommy Thompson for a great NAUCC. Tom, Richard, and all the other members, parents, wives, etc… that worked so hard to make this an incredible event that won’t soon be forgotten.

Thanks to Darren Bedford for putting on another fun show with the Bedford experience. Thanks for reminding so many the importance of being an organ donor. Thanks for remembering me and my family from year to year. Thanks for the Lollipop that I savored on the way home today, ands the one that kept my Daughter busy for an hour. Oh yea, and thanks for the music at the trials event. Sorry I wasn’t able to make the Flaming Hockey. I’m sure it was “Fantastic”. I really enjoyed it last year. Jason thanks for being there to drop me one more position in every Race I entered.

Thanks to Rody Thompson for the conversation with my wife Jodie. Made her feel good enough to share the conversation with me later. And congrats on passing your yoga instructor exam. It was good seeing you again. Next year I will nominate you.:wink:

Thanks to Mrs Maxwell for being so kind as to seek out starving riders last night to give away left over Chick-fil-a sandwiches, hot dogs and popcorn. That was really cool.

Thanks to the Drummonds and for being there to support all the riders with parts, labor and unicycles. Thank you so much for letting me borrow the racing uni you were using. I still didn’t win, but it made loosing much less painful.:smiley: I’ll be ordering one of my own. I need to practice!

Thanks to Scott and Jody for all the help they gave to the Drummonds that made’s support that much more possible.

Thanks to Carol McLean and Kelsy for all their work testing and helping out new riders. Awesome job!

Thanks to Brian for all of his volunteer time, and thoughtfulness to bring a huge Canopy to shelter riders from the sweltering Memphis heat.

Thanks to ALL of the Officers and Directors of the USA that donated their time and energy to support Tommy in this incredible endeavor.

There were countless volunteers that I don’t know the names of, and wish I did. If you now the names of anyone that helped please post them. It took a lot of volunteers to make this NAUCC one of the best, and I hope everyone gets recognized.

Thanks to Ried J for always trying to push me to be a better unicyclist just by dragging me along.:wink:

It was great seeing all of you that we see each year. Steve D and Abbey, great job this year. I’ll be sending you photos.

I can’t put words to how much fun my ENTIRE family had. My wife passed level one and is totally psyched. My daughter Emily saw old friends, made new friends and can’t wait to learn how to ride after seeing an awesome four year old show her how it’s done. This was a great NAUCC. If you missed it, you missed a lot. There was more going on than anyone could do. Something for EVERYONE.

Thanks for making this such an awsome event!!

What Bugman said.

This was my first NAUCC and we came solely for the trials and the urban rides. The public show on Sunday was great and the trials event was well run. The urban rides were also well organized and well led.

We also enjoyed seeing some of the “luminaries” of the unicycle world. We were a little disappointed we didn’t see Kris Holm, but we did see his name on a lot of stuff.

I think Brian Slater was in charge of setting up the trials site, and I think he did a great job.

I am sure it is a huge undertaking and MUC did an excellent job.

Thanks again guys.

In addition…

 I got to see Graceland on Sunday, and a 30+ minute fireworks show on Monday night from Mud Island in the Middle of the Mississippi. :D   I have to say I was so happy when "Elvis" showed up at the Public Show.  It just couldn't have been NAUCC in Memphis without "Elvis".  The guy was great!

Thanks Tommy, this was a great event! It was my first, and it has made me realize that I must attend every one from now on!

Did anyone else notice that Tommy might be the nicest guy in the land?

He is a great guy you know…Thanks Tommy.

And Connie too!

Hey, yeah I wish Kris would have been there. Did I meet you? What do you look like? :slight_smile:

Tommy is nice. BEASH20 is his motto. I also want to say thanks to you Brian for forgoing all of your opportunities to ride and compete, so that we will forever have a record of this event. I look forward to your finished product. Also how did the Closing ceremonies go? Did your “preview” turn out as well as expected?

It’s been great, well worth the trip, see you in Michigan next year & Mount Rushmore the year after (or at Unicon at the end of the month); sorry for finishing the keg of beer, delighted to meet y’all, thank you very much laydeez an gennlemen, Mike has left the Comfort Inn…

While the footage I had for the closing was something I was quite happy with, I was quite dissapointed in the speed of my computer slowing the video playback down making it stop motion like. I was down to a few hours of sleep a night with the editing, and was working on everything pretty much until the time of the ceremonies, and I had no time to burn to DVD so had to play the raw video, and it turned out less than ideal. What a kick in the pants :frowning:

Yep, we met. I am Ben’s dad from Oklahoma. I rode a bike on the first urban ride. I rode my uni on mon night. I am the guy who had to use a support to get started. I am working on freemounting.

Thanks to Tommy, MUC and volunteers for all the work that went into putting the NAUCC together. What a great time! It was my first unicycle convention I am totally impressed!


Thanks, Tommy and the MUC gang!
Bear and I had a great time and can’t wait to get back and share our adventures with our Wobbling Lions Club!

The event was a splendid first for us and we are planning to attend NAUCC in the future!

Thanks, Tommy, for a wonderful NAUCC. Not every unicycle convention can have both fireworks AND Elvis!

The hospitality of the MUC members was phenomenal. When I got confused about driving directions to Flaming Puck a few nights ago, I knew I could call Tommy at 10:30pm to check, and sure enough, he talked me thru the route. A few minutes later, my 10- and 7-year olds were having the time of their lives!

Thanks, Darren, as usual, for putting together a great Flaming Puck. I think you got the mixture just right; the pucks stayed lit longer and burned brighter without having to resort to kerosene!

Thanks, Reid J and Tom Maxwell, for holding onto my racing uni when I left it at the track!

Thanks to all the participants who made the whole experience wonderful (as usual). I had a great time, and my family is already excited about next year’s event!

We can’t make every NAUCC but it was because of meeting Tommy in Minnesota three years ago that made us really want to get to Memphis.

It was everything we expected and more.

Thanks again to Tommy, MUC, and all the volunteers!

Steve & Abby

We love you Tommy and Rody!!!:smiley:

Thanks tommy and connie. I had a good time


The MUCsters sure know how to throw a great party! I first met Tommy and his group when he put word out on this forum about a Muni gathering in Arkansas last fall. I went mainly because of my love for the Ozarks, but when I heard Doug (a rider from Tulsa) and myself were going to be the only non-MUCsters there I felt like I was crashing their party. Five minutes into meeting them I knew that not only was I not interferring I was welcomed and wanted there. I will have to say I was concerned when I first met Tommy since he did have on a T-shirt with his picture on it, but it was given to him for his 50th B-day and everyone had one on and I have one now too. It was at that gathering where I first heard about NAUCC 06 and I knew that it would be the place to be if this group of riders were hosting it. Excellent job!!!

Wonder what you would have thought if you had met Harper and he was wearing the t-shirt with a picture of himself on it. :astonished: Someone will soon post it.:wink:

I also am among the legion of first-timers atteding the Memphis NAUCC. I also had a great time and am happy to say that my nephew had a great intro to unicycling. I think he is a confirmed “one of us” now.
I would like to complement the Drummonds at Unicucle .com on their “down-right friendliness”. In spite of the “ants nest” of activity / confusion surrounding their marketing area they never ceased to go out of the way in helping customers with advice on what to buy and what might not be really needed. I for one will always check them first for my needs.