Thanks to Jamey Mossengren!

As many of you know, Jamey Mossengren, who who owns, is moving to Australia tomorrow, 3/14/09! I wanted to say it’s been great knowing you and riding MUni and 36er with you, and I wish you all the happiness and good fortune in your new home down under!

I hope you will be able to keep up and running, but I understand that it might not be possible. I’ve been honored to have you as a sponsor as well! :slight_smile: I’m sure we’ll see you again the the future, as you continue to attend so many un-events world wide! Not that you’ll need it, but good luck in your new endeavors as you embark on a new and exciting adventure in life! :):smiley:

Wow last I heard, Jamey had just moved to Cali not to long ago. That is pretty awesome that he is moving to Aus though. I hope you have fun there!

Good luck Jamey. Have a blast in Aussie.

Yeah, it was really great having him around here. We had many fun rides, and I hope it won’t be too long before we get together again. I’ll miss watching him ride up hills I have trouble walking up.

I believe I was the last person who ordered through Uniproshop. I just picked up an Intense DH tire earlier this afternoon. I don’t have a 24" MUni yet, but I will soon and I didn’t want to miss out on the sale opportunity.

I’ll miss the red Uniproshop life savers, too. Those are delicious.