Thanks to all involved for a good eurocycle

Another eurocycle has been and gone. This year over 350 people came
together from all over western europe to unicycle, play,eat,drink, and
unicycle some more.

We came from Germany, Switzerland, Belguim, France, Denmark, The UK,
Pueto Rico and Australia. We enjoyed games of Hockey (34 teams in this
years tornament) Basket ball, Galdiators , Bull dog, Stuck in the mud, peg
grab and riding at the ring. We competed in Long Jump High Jump and the
obstacle course, we raced slowly backward and forwards and in the Jungle
adventure race.

Many thanks are due to the team of organisers, Nichol and Marcus are the
only names I remember, but there were many others who helped out and made
the weekend a fun event.

The muni trip was fun, I managed to fit 27 unicycles in the luggauge
space behind the seats of a mini bus, a convoy of car sharers and said
mini bus followed a trail of human sign posts to a smal patch of woodland
on the edge of town. Most people stayed close to the first aiders and
played on a bunch of steep slopes and drop zones. Paul and I took off to
explore the woods and managed a 5 or 6 mile tour of the local single
track, much of it rather good. Our route choseing method was fairly
simple, if it went up hill we followed it because at the top of hills you
find interesting enjoyablely loose twisty paths leading down wards.

Hockey, The competition was HUGE this year, 34 teams played in 8 groups,
each group had a 1st and 2nd level seed team in it plus two unseeded. The
Uk team - Plastic Ball Please- ended up in group A, along with 1st seed
team Deseteure ( I may not have spelt that right) and two unseeded teams
Tournados (a teenage team) and HUCK3 (a Danish kids team). The group
result was pretty much as expected and we went on to meet Lahimo who had
won Group B and then comprensively beat us too. It showed quite clearly
that the ast time the UK team played together was at Unicon, we were a bit
rough round the edges.

More to come some other time.

Union of UK Unicyclists
By and for UK riders

Hi Sarah,

nice to hear that you enjoyed the weekend.
We hope everything was fine and suitable for everybody, even if they have different priorities…
Looking forward for your additional comments… :wink:
We also have to say thank you to so many participants!

We would like to ask everybody who was there and made photos or videos, to send us this material, in order to prepare a review on our website, and to make it available to everybody by download.
So if you have photos or video material, please send it as a zip-file by e-mail (up to 10MB) to

or send a CD-ROM or a copy of your video tape in any format by post to:

Michael Pikelj
Fürstenwall 84
D-40217 Düsseldorf

Thanks and see you all next year in Switzerland for Eurocycle 2004!
Date has already been fixed: July 15th to 18th



Sounds great! Looks great!

You looks enjoyed riding and meeting with other unicyclists
on unicycle or “Einrad”.
I wish hopefully I can participate sometimes in the future year.

Re: Thanks to all involved for a good eurocycle

On Wed, 27 Aug 2003 16:10:03 -0500, Marcus
<> wrote:

>Thanks and see you all next year in Switzerland for Eurocycle 2004!
>Date has already been fixed: July 15th to 18th

Thanks for mentioning the date so early on. Might be possible to keep
free from family holiday unlike this year.

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