Thanks Roger

This is not the normal “thanks for a great service” thread as he gets enough of those but for coming way out of his way to come for a ride with me today!

The weather was FILTHY mud, 30+ mile an hour winds and torrential horizontal rain, my 29er uni actually blew sideways like a windsock when you held it off the ground with the handle!

It was a very challenging ride weather wise and the worst I have ever ridden in, even Roger hard to work a bit harder than normal to ride in it :stuck_out_tongue:

Was fantastic to meet a “living legend” and talk Uni tech and riding.

So thanks again Roger :slight_smile:

So Kris H I believe it’s your turn to come for a ride with me now :stuck_out_tongue:

Is he taller in person :wink:

I’m assuming you got to ride Roger’s 36er, and of course now you have the parts to finish yours, so GET BUSY!

We expect a complete report no later than Friday 5pm GMT.

IF it is! you donate your 36er! unless it is being ridden :wink:

lol not being the tallest person in the world myself I will be careful how I answer that :stuck_out_tongue: lets just say he was intimidated by my 2 year old pouncing on him as he walked through the door who is 99% South African DNA from the Mrs and 1% Feisty DNA (he is massive) :stuck_out_tongue:

Rog was on a Schlumpf’d 26" Nimbus and I rode my 29er as still missing parts :frowning: He had no room in the car for his 36er unfortunately.

Hopefully all my bits will come for next week as I am champing at the bit to get riding my 36er

Was good to here some Uni riding tales and get the heads up on uni bits that are in the pipeline and Rogers opinion on various things.

Like a say it was a privilege and a pleasure, was a same we were pushed for daylight and the weather was so foul otherwise we could have put more miles in.

No, he’s actually shorter :stuck_out_tongue:

But when I grow up I will be taller. :slight_smile:

I don’t think you’re growing up anytime soon.

It was a good ride, thanks. Pity the weather was a bit pantz, but was fun and a pleasure to meet you.