Thanks, Nathan - Great Article in The Unicycle Magazine

I just got my uni magazine. I love Nathan Hoover’s article about how to make a coker bag for traveling. Maybe now I can fly out to do one of those San Francisco coker rides.


Still waiting for my copy…

There are lots of Cokers out here. Just ask; you could probably borrow one. It’s a great ride, especially for out-of-towners!

Glad you liked the article - I haven’t even seen it in final form yet! We made three of those bags. Two just got back from Hawaii and one is off to Brazil this weekend. Those bags get around even more then we do. That would be great if you can join us for the SF Tour this year (Sunday Sept 9).


I just got mine, too. Oh happy day!

Sounds like a great article. The box I shipped my KH24 to Moab in took a pretty good beating on the plane.

Looking forward to this issue!

My bag is being made as we speak! (I am no good with anything fabric-ish, and my aunt is a seamstres…)

The cost of materials is the same as one oversize charge at the airport. If all goes well (i.e. the airport takes it as a piece of luggage), it’ll be saving me upwards of 150$. Woop woop!

Hey, writing that article was my idea ;), and here I am stuck without a subscription. Guess I need to get on that one if I’m ever going to do a tour…

Seriously, it’s nice to see the level of content going in to the new mag. I really didn’t miss OOW when it slowed down and then just stopped…I think the energy for getting good content together dropped off there toward the end. Think I’ll adopt a “glass is 3/4 full” attitude and spring for a subscription.