thanks/MUni project

Thanks for all the great tips on uni-hockey. I will be going to purchase a stick
and ball to practice with. I’ll probably get both the hollow plastic bal and the
roller-puck as well as the longest stick they have.

MUni project:

 I have ridden my new MUni once, about three weeks ago. Since then I have
 been fine tuning things. The Semcycle Deluxe hub I bought has no shoulder
 on the axle to place the bearing relative to the hub flange. I have been
 trying different widths of spacer rings to put the bearing far enough from
 the flange so that the bearing holders on the frame don't rub. I've
 accomplished that now.

 Since then I have been fiddling with a second pair of crank arms. The first
 pair were the new style with that offset which puts the pedals farther from
 center. This is because in recent years bicycles have been using shorter
 crank axles to save weight. The crankarms consequently pull in closer to
 the frame and the offset allows the arm to clear the chainstays.

 I found some of the old style (no offset) for my second attempt. They are
 Nervar brand BTW. I nervar heard of them--anyone else? :)

 There is a dandy freestanding 12" disk sander at work which I have used to
 buff down the spiders on the right crank arm to get the same outline as
 it's mate. But it is also thicker than the left arm in that area, and there
 is interference with the OUTSIDE of the bearing holder when I bolt it on.
 So my foreman has been taking it down to a machinist friend of his in the
 machine shop.

 I screw in the outside part of a crank puller so the machinist will have
 and easy way to chuck the arm into the lathe, and in (so far) three
 successive trips, he has taken it down nearly enough. I'm waiting for it to
 come back from the fourth trip--it should be just right. It's taking a long
 time but you can't beat the price.

 I have been reading comments about tire quality and I have to agree. 24"
 tires have been left far behind by 20" and 26" tires. I can feel the
 difference when I try to bounce on the 26" MUni. The rubber gives back much
 more of the stored energy on the rebound. I inflate my 24" tire 50% over
 the recommended pressure printed on its sidewall trying to get a good
 rolling and bouncing tire but after a few minutes of riding, stretches
 until the same old "flat on the bottom" look and feel returns."

See me & my MUni at the upcoming National Unicycle Convention in Bowling Green
Ohio, July 27-31

Dennis Kathrens