Thanks Kerv!!

(Copied from my Learning Journal post.)

“I want to thank Kerv for his hospitality today!! He, his wife, and kids were all great! I couldn’t believe watching his boys ride the giraffe and 3-wheel! OMG! That’s just awesome. He pulled out the homemade ramps, and a number of different unis that I could try. The 29er was no issue. Freemounted and rode first shot. The pedal pins took some getting used to, caused one good fall, no elbow blood. The 24 muni with 165s was terribly difficult to get used to the long cranks. I can imagine it would be great for muni, just would take some practice. But the 36er… YES!! I loved it. Tried a tire-grab mount, felt awkward. So I just started freemounting. Hit about 1 out of 10. With an hour’s practice, I would be freemounting without thought. Could be my height/weight (6’, 225 lbs) gives me more control than the smaller riders, I just didn’t see the difficulty in mounting. I know with my 24 when I mount I sometimes hesitate, then ride out. It was the same with the 36. I was able to hesitate, get my bearings, then ride. Very Cool!! And Man, that thing can motor downhill. Still not sure what my next uni will be, I’m so torn between a 36 and a 29 light muni. In that respect, Kerv was of no help at all!”

This is such a great forum, you all are wonderful people to know. First Albany on Wednesday with Pat, Roland, Steve, et al, and then Kerv today. I love uni, and you all just make it great! Ride On!!

Alan “Animal Cage” is a natural. He has only been riding a couple of months and he freemounted my 36er the first time he tried.

Lets hit the muni trail! Anyone else in western Mass interested?

A MUni Day trip in Western MA?

KERV, I think we could pull together 5+ from out our way and meet for a MUni Day Out by you. I’ll bring a couple disc equipped uni’s for you to try. :slight_smile:

You made the D-Day event a couple years back, much appreciate BTW, and had a great time meeting you & your sons also! So, we make the drive this time. Let’s see what this does?.. :roll_eyes:

Thanks Kev, it does feel natural. This Wed I met up with Roland, ended up riding down a 5-stair set! I have worked on ladders for many of the past 20 years, and I am a touch insane. Yeah, that makes sense.

Muni?? Would love to! Try, I mean…

If you can ride down a five stair set now, you’ll be teaching a muni class next week!

I would love to have you guys out this way. There are several good muni options nearby. If you came out earlier in the morning, we could ride in the cool of the morning, then retire to my house for lunch. I ‘ll throw some dead animals on the gas grill and we can cool off in my pool (nothing fancy, 24’ above ground, four feet deep). If any of you guys like natural trials, I have a pretty cool boulder field (I call it the rock garden) in the woods in my back yard. It would be worth a visit after lunch.

I’ve never used a brake before - I would love to try out one of yours.

I’ll need a couple of weeks to figure out some possible dates. I am spending some time helping an elderly uncle whose property suffered extensive damage in a recent tornado and I want to check with Alan (Animal Cage) to make sure he can attend too.

I work every other weekend, and two Sundays a month. Its hard for me to make plans with a group, but I’ll do my best.