Thanks for another gr8 swummmmm

Thanks everyone who turned up to make this day as good as it was, i really enjoyed myself, shame afew more people didnt here about it. So thanks to sarah of course for doing the stirling job of organising it all again. Not enough gladiators though oh well and gutted i missed the basketball was up for twisting nick all over the place:p
Cheers Shaunc for taking us out on that ride was really cool even with those little batty bois who have now joined my fanclub haha

cheers everyone see you in january

Thankyou loads to Sarah, Paul (and of course little Ed :slight_smile: For organzing another brilliant SWUM It was really nice to meet people from the forums and other unicyclists and jugglers, great games of hockey and gladiators as always! and liked the venue the divider thing forhockey andother stuff worked well

Look forward to January!


Jan 6th- provisonal date for a SWUM Unicycle Hockey afternoon also at Riverside leisure centre. Bring a team or come as an individula and join a scatch team.

Could be part of the new British unicycle league… watch this forum for more details in due course.

Nick suggested yesterday on the B2B ride that it might be a good idea to have a muni ride on the Sunday (Haldon seems a likely venue) so people can make a weekend of it. What do people think of that idea?


souinds like a good idea to me. haldon has trails to suit pretty well all abilities from easy and ok on a 20 inch hockey wheel to the double black diamond freer ride area with its north shoreish stuff, with the red trail inbetween. i’ll put both days on the web site when i update it.