Thanks, everybody!

I haven’t been on the boards in a long time (shamefully, I admit to having bought a trials bike and I’ve been playing with that instead of the uni, mostly… shaaaaame) and I wasn’t going to suddenly jump in with something out of left field.


I went to my cafepress site this morning to order a gift for a friend and discovered that there have been sales while I wasn’t paying any attention. Sales from all over the place (the place being the U.S., mostly, but not entirely- man, that’s a kick, seeing sales from England and all) I haven’t been posting, and didn’t expect anyone to remember that I still had unicycle clothes and stuff up for sale, so I’m amazed and gratified. Rather than thanking folks individually, which I did a couple of times last year, let me just say a big, blanket “Thanks everyone!” for not forgettting while I was off playing with a two-wheeler.

Earlier in the year- during NAUCC (hey, everyone! it was great riding with you on the Shelby Farms trails), I’d sort of planned a couple more new designs, thinking I’d ride around some more and think 'em all out and then post 'em in time for Christmas shopping, then I let things slip and figured the cafepress thing would just cost me money this year. I’ll do the new designs for springtime, I guess.

Now, I gotta go tape up my uni saddle and ride a little dirt. Yippee!

Oops. Meant to put this thread in the Trading Post.

Should I review a product to set things straight?


I had the bike shop wire my spokes. Actually, they got all excited about me buying a nice rim and new spokes and everything, so they offered to do it.

Anyone else ever seen this kind of thing? The spokes are wired together where they cross. Supposed to make the system more rigid or something. I got black rim, black spokes and black wire, though, so maybe it’s just supposed to look tough and they wanted to say they’d built such a thing.