Thanks DKBrown in IN

Wanted to say “Thanks” to D.K. Brown in IN, US. Bought a whole bunch of Unicycle stuff from my CafePress site. Dunno how you found your way there, since I haven’t promoted it in months, so thanks very much!

I’d been thinking of shutting it down, but I think I’ll keep it open for a bit. At least til Christmas.

By the way, the Thong is on the site sort of as a joke. You’re not really gonna wear that when you ride, are you? If you do, you’ll need to tell everyone here how that goes.

Thanks again.


My uncle and Grandpas name is Donald K. Brown… nifty…


Okay, I’m just guessing, but the thong might not have been for your grandfather.

Maybe your uncle bought it.

For you, I mean.

I’m just guessing. Do you have a birthday coming up?

[All the above is said in jest.]


accually i do…haha where in indiana?


Dunno. CafePress only lists the address as IN, US. Privacy reasons, I’m sure.

Man, I hope I haven’t messed up somebody’s birthday present to you. The thong might’ve just been some gag gift or something.

If you get a bunch of unicycle shirts and stuff, just act all surprised, okay?

I’m not here. I didn’t say this…(mystic hand pass)