Thanking the helmet today

On my coker today, I was riding through an area where they were working on a chain link fence, moving the place there use to be a small area to ride/walk through. I decided to ride through the new passage where they removed the chain link fencing. What I didn’t notice was the bar across the top was still there :astonished: All I can say is thank goodness I had my helmet on, I smacked it pretty good with my helmet, could have knocked me down or out completely.


Glad you’re okay. My helmet hasn’t saved me yet, but it’s a nice place for my rearview mirror to attach to, and since I wear a hat under it it’s pretty comfortable.

I did have a nice UPD on my 36er yesterday that my Hillbilly gloves really helped with. My computer said I was doing about 15 mph, with 125 cranks, and since the street was so busy I was riding the sidewalks. One of the ramps to re-enter the sidewalk was steeper than I was ready for, and my right foot bumped off the crank and I went flying. It ended up being a lot of fun, cause I took the impact with the guards on the gloves, and then rolled off into the grass. Got lucky. I’ve only had the 36er about a month or so, so I’m still getting used to the inertia of that wheel.

Just goes to show you never know when you’re going to take one on the noggin.

Glad you’re ok.

Sometimes when im out doing muni I hit a low lying branch with my head! Its a bit of a shock sometimes. Good to hear your fine.

I’ve always been a helmet wearer, so it really wasn’t a big deal. I got really used to thinking any injuries would come from me hitting the ground or pedals. On the 36 I guess you need to keep an eye out for low hanging obstacles too! Thanks for all the good wishes.